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101 Benefits of Being Sober

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During active addiction, you think the “sober life” is going to be boring. You won’t have any fun. Your life is over. That is until you get clean and realize all the benefits of being sober.

Your inner demons will try to keep you believing that sobriety is not worth it. It’s pointless. After all the damage you have caused and pain you have had to experience, your life will NEVER get better. You are stuck.

That is not true! Believe me. You have to experience sober living for itself to know just how great your life can actually be.

Do you ever wonder why people in recovery refer to themselves as grateful recovering addicts?

Umm…could it be that they are grateful for their life in recovery?

Is life really that much better in sobriety?

Damn right it is. By no means is life perfect. It still has its ups and downs but it really is incredible.

If you still aren’t sure about the whole sober living thing. Read this list of 101 benefits of being sober and you just might change your mind.

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Instant Gratification

Before you dive into this list of awesomeness, I want to take a moment to explain something.

As addicts, we crave instant gratification, Getting high provides the instant gratification that we seek.

That’s why people switch to the needle. It’s the quickest way to get the feeling we want.

There is NO instant gratification in sobriety. How quickly you reap the benefits of being sober depends on a few things.

  • How hard you work at your recovery
  • Whether you are in recovery or just not using
  • Length of your sobriety

Bottom line, you will soon experience the benefits of being sober as long as you take action. But there is more to it than simply putting down the needle or giving up the high.

Anyone who is in recovery knows that the whole process is not that damn easy. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and courage. Yet, it is sure as hell worth it.


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Are you still skeptical?

I will prove it to you with this list of 101 benefits of being sober.

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Here it is.

101 Benefits of Being Sober

This list is broken down into sections.

First, let’s take a look at the benefits of being sober in early recovery.  You will begin to see these benefits soon after you get sober and throughout the first year.

Most people including myself didn’t even realize these things were happening until my recovery counselor told me to write down everything that I accomplished in the past year.

I was too busy worrying about what I didn’t have or what I was missing out on in addiction to realize all the good things going on.

Take a look to see what I mean.

Early Sobriety – Your first year clean

Keep in mind, your first year of sobriety should be all about YOU. While you should always be aiming to improve yourself, the first year is a bit different. You are not trying to gain back the things you had. You want to start over brand-spanking’ new so essentials are important.

Remember, this is all happening because you no longer want to be at rock bottom (or well on your way there).

First a few of my fav things to congratulate you on getting clean & serene.

Let’s start.
1. Every penny you have does not go towards drugs.

2. Finally able to experience emotions to the fullest. Yes, sadness and anger but also happiness and pure joy.

3. Sober sex. It might not last long at first but it just gets better and better.

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4. No longer experience withdrawal symptoms.

5. Don’t wake up each day automatically worrying about how you’re getting high or how to get money to get high.

6. You have a place to call home. The same place to lay your head every night.

7. No blackouts. Never again forgetting what you did the previous night.

8. Now able to hold down a job.

9. Work towards having the career you want.

10. You are a happier person overall just knowing that your life is improving.

11. Quickly realize who your true friends are, which is a good thing.

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12. Gain weight and maintain a healthy weight.

13. Believe in a higher power and it’s helpful to have faith in someone or something.

14. Improve your physical appearance. No longer look strung out AF.

15. Have material possessions which you don’t steal or sale.

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16. More accepting of others. Aware that everyone has their own story.

17. Are able to spot a liar, thief, or manipulator a mile away which comes in handy to protect yourself.

18. Aware of the evil that exists. Not naive to what people are truly capable of.

19. Want to be healthy, improving your physical wellbeing.

20. No longer worry about making a fool of yourself when high or drunk.

21. If you have a bad day, you know it will be better tomorrow. In addiction, you don’t think about tomorrow. You think moment to moment.

22. Become dedicated to becoming your best self.

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23. No more getting arrested for committing criminal activities.

24. Don’t do shit that makes you sick to your stomach.

25. Actually, NO high-risk behaviors at all.

26. You laugh so hard it hurts and this happens a lot. C’mon you know what I’m talking about?

27. No more lost time. Now, you can make the most of every moment.

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Home and Family Life

28. Your family and loved ones are part of your life again.

29. Friends + family trust you again.

30. You are able to financially and emotionally support your family + loved ones.

31.  Be the parent your children need you to be. 

32. Or are ready to start a family if you haven’t yet.

33. Now have a sense of stability and security.

34. Form healthy relationships. Eliminating the toxicity from your life.

35. Others value your opinion and advice.

36. Stay away from abuse and negativity.

37. Make amends for the past.

38. Constantly surrounded by those you love and who appreciate you.

39. Each night, you have a warm bed and all the basics to live.

40. Have someone you trust.

Behavior, Attitude, and Character Traits

41. Help others without expecting anything in return and you like the feeling.

42. Set goals and slay them.

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43. People respect you.

44. You have a sense of pride + accomplishment.

45. Want to break all bad habits that you have.

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46. Have a sense of self-worth.

47. Capable of giving and receiving love.

48. You are finally living. Instead of always feeling lost or stuck.

49. Thankful for everything you have. Especially, your sobriety.

50. Willing to give people a second chance.

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51. You have hope.

When you are a good person, good things come your way.

52. Work hard at everything you do.

53. Self-sufficient and independent.

54. You are a role model.

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55. Have hobbies. Do activities that you truly enjoy.

56. Look at your mistakes as lessons learned and not failures.

57. Have strength and courage beyond belief.

58. Your life is meaningful.

59. You are respected.

60. Your mess is now a message.

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61. Truly enjoy life and have fun.

62. Have more good days than bad ones.

63. Cope with life in a healthy way.


woman in wife beater looking up thinking about the text, 101 Benefits of being Sober

Career and Finances

64. Are able to financially support yourself.

65. Pay all your bills, fines, loans, etc on time.

66. Are actually able to have utilities in your name to have a bill to pay. I know there are those of you who know exactly what I’m talking about.

67. Have a vehicle to drive.

68. Able to continue your education now. Either get your GED, trade or technical school, or college classes.

69. Start a bank account to rebuild your credit.

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70. Along with having your own credit cards and can take out loans if need be.

71. Go above and beyond at work because you are grateful for your position.

72. Able to travel, go on vacations, and take trips.

73. No more begging or scheming for money.

74. Know that success is possible and you are successful. It doesn’t matter where you came from.


75. No longer go to jail and/or prison.

76. You complete probation or parole.

77. Have a vehicle to drive.

78. Have car insurance, registration, admissions, gas, and upkeep on your car. Believe it or not, you need all of that to be legal.

79. Wait, you have your driver’s license too! I didn’t have mine for 10+ years, it’s not something you concern yourself with while in active addiction.

80. No more treatment centers, halfway houses, court-ordered programs, etc.

81. No longer paranoid and looking over your shoulder. Always thought someone was going to get me, typically the police.

82. Never worry about getting pulled over. If you do, oh frickin’ well. They aren’t going to find anything and your legal. 

83. You are a productive member of society.

 Health is A Priority

84. Your memory has improved.

85. Have more energy.

86. Sleep better and sleep through the night.

87. Better complexion.

88. Practice self-care.

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89. Exercise and stay physically active.

90. Aim to look your best and feel your best.

91. If your sick, you get seen by a medical professional.

92. Develop healthier eating habits.

93. Practice better hygiene.

94. Take proper care of your mental health.

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95. Don’t need any mind-altering chemicals.

96. Are able to bathe every day. That wasn’t always possible in addiction.

97. You will never ever overdose.

Greatest Benefits of Being Sober

98. Proud of all you have overcome.

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99. Currently creating your dream life.

100. Have a plan for the future.

101. Believe in miracles. You know that miracles can happen and do happen. You are one.

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Truth Bomb

To some, the 101 things on this list may seem simple or basic. Some even find these things silly. Those are the people who have not been hit by addiction.

In reality, NOT ONE of these is possible for someone at rock bottom in drug addiction.

At 5+ years clean, I am grateful to say, I have experienced ALL 101 of the benefits of being sober. Several years ago, NONE of this was a reality. None of it.

It’s scary and sad. Yet, awesome that I have made it.

I hope you are able to check off every single one of these things as well.

Don’t ever think you made the wrong choice in getting sober.

Do me a favor and PIN the below image to share the amazing benefits of being sober. Someone out there needs to hear it.

Do you think your life will be no fun without using drunks or alcohol? If your life is spiraling out of control and your headed for rock bottom due to your addiction then this post is for you. Read 101 Benefits of Being Sober and see how your life will change for the better. Click to read now. #sober #addictionrecovery #soberfun #soberlife #soberliving #reoveringaddict #womeninrecovery #personalgrowth #selfimprovement

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I am NOT a licensed therapist. For immediate help call the Substance Abuse Mental Health Service Adminstration’s 1-800-662-HELP. It's a free 24/7 service for ppl facing mental +/or substance use disorders.Or you can use the online treatment locator HERE.


  1. I appreciate your website so much. It has not only helped me since I found it but also my female clients that are trying to find their way. I have referred friends and women that I have met through the months to this website. I have printed off many of the workbooks and blogs. The 101 Benefits of Being Sober was one that really helped me because I don’t always see how my sobriety is beneficial.

    • thank you, I appreciate the kind words. It is great to know that Unjunkiefied is helping people and your sobriety is extremely beneficial. Especially if you have female clients, you are turning your mess into a message. You go girl and happy holidays. Rock this new year!

    • It is. I don’t think people realize how much addicts go through. And yes, people will say we put ourself in that position which in a way we did. But nobody starts using heroin or other drugs thinking that they are going to literally lose everything, including themselves and what is really going to happen. Once you become addicted, it’s chemically embedded in your brain that you need it to survive and everyone has a survival instinct. As addicts, we miss those little comforts so much that when we finally have them in sobriety, it’s like we are in heaven lol

  2. I may not have checked every one of these off yet but at just over 2 years clean it rings soo true!
    It may sound silly to some, but waking up at 6 am and taking care of my family… going to work, paying bills… I’m grateful for all of the mundane and beautiful things that those untouched by this disease take for granted and even complain about.

    • Girl, I understand you completely. I complain about paying a couple hundred dollar bill. Yet, I am so damn grateful that I am able to do that now. It’s not silly at all. People don’t realize how much the little things matter until you don’t have them anymore. (and think that you will never have them again). Congrats on your recovery. 🙂

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