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5 Ways To Turn Obstacles Into Opportunities

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You will face obstacles in your life, especially in addiction recovery. But there are ways to change your life. Here are 5 ways to turn obstacles into opportunities. #turnlifearound #fixyourlife #changeyourlife #addictionrecovery #struggleisreal #selftransformation #selfdevelopment

Five years ago, I was homeless on the streets of Philadelphia. I was addicted to drugs and without any hope. In the early winter of 2014, I was hit by a car, and I ended up in a wheelchair after double hip replacements and a femur replacement. I felt I had reached my darkest point, and I began to think about ending my life.

Turn your obstacles into opportunities. Addiction is not the end, we do recover. It is possible to turn your life around. #overcomeobstacles #overcomethepast #addictionrecovery #recovery #sobriety #recoveringaddict Click To Tweet

Learn the 5 ways to turn your obstacles into opportunities so you can fix your life. Overcome your past to be a badass success. It is possible. You will find a way. #personalgrowth #selfimprovment #changeyourlife #fixyourlife #overcomeobstacles #struggleisreal #turnitaround #overcomethepast


I called my mother randomly, and she told me I could come down to Atlanta to stay with her. That led to me getting back in recovery, attending a new church where I would meet several new amazing friends and my future wife, and working for the first time in years.

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Fast forward to present day. I am now married to a wonderful woman, living in a really nice home, working a job that I love, I have been sober for a little over a year, and I spend a lot of my time helping others in recovery.

I’m constantly thinking about how my obstacles—being homeless, getting hit by a car, being in a wheelchair—turned out to be opportunities for me. If none of that had ever happened, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Your recovery may not be as drastic as mine has been, but you can still turn your obstacles into opportunities.

5 Way You Can Turn Your Obstacles Into Opportunities

1. Develop a Confident Mindset

Confidence can have a major impact on your level of success in life. In order to conquer an obstacle, you must have a strong belief in yourself. Relying on other people to keep you inspired is a recipe for disaster. As you may have heard, true self-confidence comes from within.

One of the best ways to build confidence is to avoid putting yourself down. Don’t worry about making mistakes. Even during rough times, stay believing that you can overcome the odds.

The first phases in being able to start a new life is to recover from your past. Subscribe to Unjunkiefied's email list and get the Fix Your Life Freebie to get the ENTIRE blueprint and all the steps to fix your life.

2. Be Fearless

When stranded in the jungle amongst lions and alligators, you’re expected to experience a strong sense of fear. However, being afraid to take on life’s obstacles will leave you unfulfilled. Work on developing a fearless attitude. True warriors actually look forward to facing new challenges. Simply turning back and giving up is not an option.

Don’t ever allow negative thoughts to creep into your mind. If you allow fear to dominate your life, don’t expect the results to be great. Being bold and courageous will give you a much better chance of accomplishing your goals.

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3. Focus on Developing Your Strengths

Don’t get into a bad habit of focusing on your weaknesses. No one is perfect. The best approach is to concentrate on your strengths.

Some things in life are simply impossible to change. Mugsy Bogues, who was the shortest NBA player in history, excelled in a sport traditionally dominated by tall people. Instead of using his perceived height disadvantage as an excuse to stop pursuing his dreams, Mugsy decided to further strengthen his attributes.

Determination is far more important than anything else.

4. Realize Everyone Experiences Rainy Days

In an ideal world, bad days would never exist. However, perfection is nothing but a dream. Avoid contributing your lack of success to bad luck. You must realize that everyone encounters challenges at some point. It’s actually unrealistic to expect everything to go your way.

Complaining about things is a waste of time. If everything was easy, the feeling of success wouldn’t be nearly as sweet. A setback is just an opportunity for you to prove yourself. When you finally accomplish your goals, it’ll be well worth it.

5. Don’t Stop Trying

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While some people give up, others keep trying until they make a breakthrough. You must remain committed to stepping over your obstacles. Although your goal may seem miles away, it could be closer than you think. If you quit now, the regrets could follow you for a lifetime.

Don’t allow other people to dissuade you. Once you’ve become dedicated to achieving something, give it all that you have.

If you run across an insurmountable obstacle, it may actually open the door for an entirely different opportunity. Always be on the lookout for new possibilities.

The first phases in being able to start a new life is to recover from your past. Subscribe to Unjunkiefied's email list and get the Fix Your Life Freebie to get the ENTIRE blueprint and all the steps to fix your life.

How Can You Turn Your Obstacles Into Opportunities?

Comment below and let us know.

Guest post from Peter Lang -5 ways to turn obstacles into opportunities

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