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6 Tips To Build A Better Future For Yourself

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After suffering the hell of addiction, you are good and ready to build a better future for yourself. Use these 6 tips to help you change your life for the better and create the life you want instead of sitting around waiting for something to happen. #personalgrowth #personaldevelopment #overcomeaddiction #addictionrecovery #soberlife #bestlife #soberliving

It doesn’t matter whether we’re at rock bottom or high up on cloud nine; we all want to build a better future.

Especially those of us who have been through hell. People like you, who pray to build a better future for yourself but, don’t actually think your dreams will come true. After all, they are nothing more than dreams.

You are so used to struggle and chaos that a bright future seems fucking impossible.

I get it, I’ve been there.

But I’m here to tell you that once you recover from your addiction, better days are ahead.

Of course, a bright and sunny future isn’t just going to turn up on its own. Not unless you receive a giant dose of luck but, don’t count on it. No, you need to create it for yourself. It’s time for you to make it happen.

I know that trying to figure out the path to a prosperous tomorrow might seem super difficult so, let’s simplify the process.

Here are a few tried and true techniques to help you out. Take action because success isn’t going to just fall into your lap. After the past you had, you may have to work extra hard. I sure as hell did and still am. lol

Keep reading for 6 tips that will help you build a better future for yourself faster.

Read this post if you choose to build a better future for yourself after overcoming a bad past or any kind of addiction. These 6 tips will guide you in the right direction to become your best self. A successful sober badass. You can do this, I did. #recoveringaddict #soberbadass #soberliving #changeyourlife #improveyourlife #personaldevelopment #selfimprovement #betterfuture

Tips To Build A Better Future For Yourself

You need to follow these 6 tips to make your dream life happen. Not just be a mere dream.

I know you have doubts because of your past but, trust your gut. You know what is possible. With that, read on.

1. Know That It’s Possible

Everyone’s got a dream. Ask people where they see themselves in a few years, and they’ll come back with some awesome version of life.  A dream that seems pretty damn impressive at the moment. But also pretty unbelievable.

Anytime you begin talking about whether this is actually going to happen or not, the confidence of the narrative disappears. It becomes clear that you don’t really believe that it’ll be your future. You just hope it is.

To build a better future for yourself, you must KNOW that it is possible. Don’t pick some pie-in-the-sky dream. Pick a bright future that you know you’re going to make a reality one day.

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2. Get Rid of the Vices

At school, they really should teach students more about the vices that can stop you from fulfilling your potential.

Alcohol might be socially accepted, but by the time you’re in your late twenties, if you’re drinking too often then it’s likely having a bigger impact on your life than you realize. People who give up all the drugs or glasses of wine often report bags of energy, optimism, and a bunch of other positive side-effects. Of course, it some cases, it’s easier said than done. If you’re struggling to give up alcohol, then look at completing an outpatient drug treatment program.

Once you’re vice free, you’ll be able to concentrate on the important things in life.

3. Taking Baby Steps

The reason many people don’t make their dreams come true is that they want everything to happen all at once. It’s all good and well being motivated to make a change and move towards bigger and better things, but it’ll only get you so far.

Changes come from taking baby steps, not one giant leap. Be patient with yourself, create reachable targets, and plot your path to the top the smart way.

4. Work Hard

Nothing worth having comes easy. If you want to go somewhere you’ve never been before, then you need be willing to dig deep and work hard.

It’s OK to have an easy, relaxed life. But then you’ll have to accept that bigger things might not be coming.

Hard work is always rewarded, whatever form it takes.

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Read these 6 tips to build a better future for yourself after overcoming your past. Get ready to change your life f or the better and leave the drama and struggles behind once and for all. #selfimprovement #betterfuture #bestlife #improvementtips #soberliving #recovery #betteryourself #personalgrowth

5. Connect With Others

I know you are wanting to build a better future for yourself. Not for someone else.

Although, knowing the right person can come in quite handy. Especially, if you have a rough background or criminal record. That person could help get your foot in the door.

This is what to do:

If you know what type of career you want to have. Find out who inspires you in that industry? Who are your role models in that field?

Figure that out and then reach out to them. Do something as simple as following a few of your role models on social media (everyone has a social media account) and leave heartfelt, authentic comments on their posts or ask questions. It will get them to take notice.  Seriously. Keep at it and wiggle your way in and make room for yourself.

Bonus: LinkedIn is a phenomenal social media platform for career-related stuff. It can help you land your dream job.

Remember this…Connect with others, lift other people up, and you’ll find that good things come your way more often than not. It’s a tried and tested way of moving forward.

6. Plan of Action

Most importantly, you have to have a plan for the future. Know what you want and have an actionable plan on how to get it.

Bonus: Check out Unjunkiefied’s Plan For The Future Pinterest Board

Doing things on a whim or just living where the wind takes you isn’t helpful in your situation.

Especially when you are seriously trying to make your mark and turn your life around.

If you are like me and need help setting goals and creating a plan then I highly suggest you check out the Slay Your Goals Planner by the goal slaying champ, Nadalie Bardo.

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Wrap Up

Let’s review the tips you need to implement asap to build a future for yourself.

  1. Know it’s possible and believe in yourself.
  2. Eliminate the drugs, alcohol, and all other unnecessary vices in your life.
  3. Take it one step at a time. Slow and steady wins the race, Yes, hustle but don’t try to conquer it all at once.
  4. Work hard and you will get somewhere. Nothing in life is free.
  5. Make meaningful connections. If someone doesn’t take notice, make them. Always in a positive way.
  6. Have an actionable plan and follow through with it. Set and slay ALL of your goals and adjust accordingly.

You got this.

Now go build a better future for yourself.

You deserve it.

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