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Best Planner Ever! Super Cheap + Badass!

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Months ago before I rebranded, I began to write a post that included a MASSIVE list of paid and free planners from the best bloggers ever. I began to write the post only to realize that it was overwhelming. There were literally hundreds of planners and my mind started going bonkers even trying to sort through them all. Since getting my shit in order, I felt obligated to share with you what I consider to be the best planner ever!

Are you ready to be pleasantly surprised?  At least, I hope it’s pleasant.

Really, it’s that good! You’ll see.


Here is the cheapest and super easy way I keep my life in order and my shit together. Here is the best planner ever. Technically, the best planners ever. I have found NOTHING that comes close to comparing

Are you unorganized? Maybe you are even somewhat organized but, it’s hard to create daily goals and actually stick to them.

Sadly, it can be completely overwhelming at times.

My mind already feels boggled just talking about it. Honestly, to put it simply, I felt clusterfucked.

I have tried hundreds of planners and had thousands of recommendations to try this planner or that planner.

And guess what?

There has NOT been ONE planner that I found that helps me or that I will use consistently. Now, why do you think that is?

For starters, I suck at being consistent. Thank goodness, I have come to discover that most of the human race does as well.

Except for super successful people. They all seem to have their ducks in a row.


Duh. That’s common sense. You want a planner that will work for you.

That’s what I want and that’s what I found.


Of course, one of the recommendations for me to try since I could not find a damn planner that fit me was a bullet journal. Well, let me tell ya a little something about that. I might be the only one in the world but, I HATE bullet journaling. And I love to write, draw, doodle, and whatever. I am super creative but bullet journaling, NO THANK YOU.

Yes, I have tried it and I still can’t stay consistent. I don’t have the time, energy, or motivation to design each pretty little page and go back and fill in the log and on and on and on.

Plus, when I did stick to it for a few months. I still had to use 2 or 3 or 4 of my trusty old notebooks to actually keep it all together.

Did I mention I hate not having lines to write on? That’s another problem I have with the awesome -not so awesome bullet journal.

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Now, I have seen some super kick ass planners and I will admit, I was extremely tempted to buy. So, I start researching them a bit and I don’t want a planner that I put a thousand stickers in. Or a completely blank hardcover book that cost $80 because it has pink lines to write on. FYI – I hate the color pink and yes, I am a female.


Ding Ding Ding!

While it might seem like a major pain in the behind. Let me assure you, it’s not. I stick with multiple books for my different needs and you wanna know something! That is the ALL TIME BEST PLANNER AND METHOD THAT I HAVE FOUND!

Using a different book for each different thing has allowed me to keep my shit in order and together. Without getting confused or having to flip through a bunch of pages to find what I need. Everything is right where I want it.

Most importantly, it costs me next to nothing. Isn’t that frickin awesome?

Let me break it down so you can hopefully agree!


Here is what I do so I am able to rock my life and actually keep it together! It’s not easy being a scatterbrain! I don’t mean I’m dipsy or stupid. Any person that loves to write, draw, and read knows that there are a thousand different things going through their head at all moments.

Add some kids into the mix and being a work at home mom and you can quickly become a hot mess! Which equals out to my reasoning for not being a consistent individual even though I’m getting pretty damn good at it now. Once you start reaping the benefits, you tend to keep it up!

Blog+Life Planner is hands down the best planner ever!


If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am a blogger. Who would have guessed?

So, a blog and life planner. You could put these things in separate books but I find it much more convenient to keep them together.

I don’t find a need to plan my family’s meals, how many steps I take in a day, or how many ounces of water I drink. Sorry just not my thing.

This is what I need.

  • Daily to-do list
  • Monthly calendar to schedule appointments in advance (Also to write down a monthly blog theme which is something new I’m trying)
  • Weekly To do list thing so I can figure out what needs to be done for the week.

That really isn’t a lot. It’s simple actually. Every day I have a personal to-do list (mom and wife stuff) and a blogging to do list(self-explanatory).

There are a million blogging planners out there. It may take some searching. If you want to make one then go on with your bad self. I can’t. Just can’t.

Sneak peak of the best planner ever from Wonderlass's Allison Marshall


I use the BLOG + LIFE PLANNER from Allison Marshall of WonderlassThere is no better planner in my opinion plus, it is quirky, nerdy, and badass – just like me. And you have to have a planner that is physically attractive to you or you won’t ever use it! Hands down, the best planner ever for blogging and everyday life.

It has everything that I want and need:

  • Monthly calendar spread w/room for notes
  • weekly to do list for personal stuff and a weekly business to do list then you have room to write for each day, goal reminders, email marketing, social media goals
  • The end of each month, you keep track of your stats, expenses, income, and next months goals.
  • Room for extra notes at the end so I can keep all my passwords and stuff

It’s perfect for me, not too much, and not too little.

If your not a blogger or entrepreneur, then you most likely just need a daily to-do list and a simple calendar. In that case, I do have a free printable to do list and such in the Unjunkiefied Resource Library. Here is the form to sign up. Glad to help you out!


Now let’s move on to the next part of the “best planner ever”. This is the easiest system ever and love it dearly and it cost a few bucks AT THE MOST.

A NOTEBOOK! A simple spiral bound notebook with sections. Plus, it has lines to write on, unlike a bullet journal. I need lines.

I get simple notebooks that are multi-subject. This way, they have the blank page divider to block off sections. You can get them super cheap at any store like Walmart, Target, or the Dollar Store. Personally, I order the 4 pack of spiral notebooks from Amazon.

You can always purchase the more expensive 5 subject notebook with divider tabs included which it is a heavy duty notebook. Yes, I have bought it. The only complaint I have is that there is a minimal amount of pages and even though it’s tough as nails strength wise. I would go through 6+ in a year which is WAY too expensive for me.

I will gladly stick with the value pack of colorful notebooks that have 3 subjects each. This is the set I recently ordered because it has colors that match my branding. *The green and purple. Oh yeah! Double win. If you want to get crazy with ya bad self then, just order this pack of sticky divider tabs. Yes, I went that far. It’s super efficient and super easy!



Three subjects are enough for me. This is how I break it down.

  1. Writing my posts. I like to write them out before I type it up. That way editing and everything is already done. Of course, I read it over after I type it but I prefer to write it down on paper the old-fashioned way. Straight up – writing actual words down on paper helps me immensely. Not to mention it’s therapeutic!
  2. Pinterest is where it’s at! If you are in the blogging world or any world for that matter, you gotta love Pinterest. As a blogger, keeping track of what I pin and my strategy is essential. Plus, any other important info I need to remember. Yes, a section just for Pinterest.
  3. The final section is an entire brain dump section. I do this quite often. Plus, anything I brainstorm goes in this section. It’s where I keep all of my notes for anything I can think of.

If I run out of room to write then, I get another notebook. Easy peasy! It fits me wonderfully and it’s the cheapest way to do things.

Truthfully, I love it. It works perfectly for me.

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Together, these two books plan out my life without any problems. They don’t get lost. Truly, it is everything I need. Allison Marshall’s BLOG + LIFE PLANNER lets me keep track of my stats and my to-do lists and passwords and all that nice stuff. My multi-subject notebook lets me keep all my notes, drafts, brain dumping, and Pinterest stuff in the SAME PLACE! It’s freakin’ awesome!

Before I end this, I want to tell you about one more thing that I use and it has helped me like you wouldn’t believe since I blatantly told you I suck at being consistent. It is The SLAY YOUR GOALS PLANNER! The creator, Nadalie rocked it with this one. No lie, no sales gimmick. This planner seriously helped me get my goal setting shit in order and I am now crushing it! Kudos to me!

Sorry, had to brag there for a minute. Honestly, if you are having any type of trouble in your goal slaying abilities, this is an ESSENTIAL ELEMENT in conquering your dreams.

It's All You Boo is one of the best personal growth or self-improvement blogs so you can totally rock 2018. If you are looking for the ultimate planner to slay your goals this year, then the Slay Your Goals Planner will do just that. Don't wait, and be ready to kick ass come 2018.

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