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Sober is The New Cool: 11 Reasons Why

This week's posts are all about being you and finding yourself.  The sober you also known as the real you.  I mean what a difference.  Think about how you were in active addiction, at your worst.  That moment when you hit your rock bottom and you might have been at rock bottom for quite a long time. ... READ the POST

Addictive Relationships In Active Addiction

Any intimate relationship can be difficult.  Whether it be boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife, girlfriend and girlfriend or engaged, divorced, or off and on for years.  It doesn't matter who your significant other is, it's how your relationship is.  How you connect with one another.  That ... READ the POST

Create Your Own Treatment Plan

Whether you are in a recovery program or in self-recovery, a treatment plan is an essential tool for you to have.  I'm not telling you to map out every little detail of your life from here on out.  Not at all but, the truth of the matter is that you need to complete a set list of goals in order to ... READ the POST

Inspirational Quotes For Recovery

I love quotes and sayings especially inspirational quotes for recovery.  Recovery is a journey that transforms your entire life and person.  You feel great, look great, and grow into a proud, sober individual.  Completely different from who you were in active addiction.  If you ... READ the POST

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