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How To Be Consistent: 4 Steps To Success

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I suck at being consistent. Not with everything, just with the majority of things. For the longest time, I thought it was just me. A HUGE character defect but, as hard as it is for me to admit it. I was wrong. Much to my surprise, all people are pretty horrible at being consistent. Not only with their work or relationships but, pretty much in every aspect of their life. So, I had to figure out how to be consistent.

Why, you ask? Why does it matter? Isn’t it more exciting to live life on a whim? To live in the moment and take it as it comes.

Simply, NO! The key to being successful in life, career, love, happiness, and everything else is being consistent. It is 100% true. In order to be a successful person, you must learn how to be consistent. And I don’t know about you but I know without a doubt that I want to be successful in everything I do. Don’t you?

How To Be Consistent and Why You Need To Be Consistent, Consistency is the key to success

Learn How To Be Consistent

When I first learned that consistency is the foundation of being a successful person, I had a meltdown. Then, I came to learn that the majority of people struggle with how to be consistent. Of course, in different areas but still, it’s a problem for a hella lotta people. (awesome grammar, right?)

Think about it. In your career, you need to be consistent. Whether you work for yourself or for someone else. That’s a fact. If you are a mom, you have to know how to be consistent. You can’t be present in your children’s lives some of the time or show inconsistency with their schedule, appts, school, homework, activities, etc. In love, you must be consistent. No one wants a sum of the time partner. Am I right?

You MUST learn how to be consistent in every aspect of your life. That is if you want to be successful at it. Consistency is the key to success.

Which brings us to the next part.

The 4 steps of how to be consistent.

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4 Steps To Becoming Consistent

You can find a million different ways on how to be consistent. I’m going to keep it simple. This is what I did to really learn and get my shit in order. As a woman, we wear multiple hats. It’s not even that we are required to do certain things but, as women, we feel obligated to always be on top of things. To take care of everyone. To have all of our ducks in a row. Keep it real now. You damn well know that it’s not always easy so why not make it as easy as we possibly can. When you learn how to be consistent, it makes life run much much smoother.


The first step in becoming consistent is having goals. We all have hopes and dreams but, do you actually have set goals? To achieve goals you have to know how to be consistent. You have to break down each goal into actionable, achievable steps.

If you are not prone to actually achieving goals then it’s about damn time you start. When you reach your goal, the feeling is AMAZING! Not to mention, the point of Unjunkiefied is living a life of TOTAL BADASSERY + becoming the REAL YOU.  If you need help learning how to slay your goals, I highly recommended this planner. There is NO better breakdown that will help you with your goals. Dead serious.



Along with setting goals and having a planner to do so. You actually need to have a plan. Having goals to achieve isn’t much help without a plan to achieve them. Yeah, its common sense but you’d be surprised.  I am not telling you to map out your life for years to come but, having a plan to follow and goals to work towards makes life so much easier. Not to mention, it enables you to learn and know how to be consistent.

If you plan to achieve a major goal in 3 years, then break it down into smaller steps.  Make a plan by breaking your biggest goal down into 12 smaller goals and aim to reach one of those goals per month. Then you can break it down even further by planning to slay your monthly goal by having an even smaller goal to conquer each week. It makes everything so easy. Once you start doing it, it becomes routine and habit. You have something to work towards so, you focus everything around it.

That my dear is being the man with a plan.

Here are a few more of my favorite planners to choose from.

Of course, leading to the next step.



Creating healthy habits and daily routines is another way to become consistent. Doing the same thing at the same time each day is consistency. Right?

Your weekday routine is a good example. That is if you do the same thing every day which I’m sure you do because humans are creatures of habit and that is a fact.

  • You go to bed around the same time every night.
  • Your alarm is set for the first time every morning.
  • You have the same morning routine consisting of coffee, watching the news, checking your email, brushing your teeth, breakfast, etc.)
  • Each day, you leave the house at the same time to go to work, school, daycare, coffee shop, gas station, or whatever.
  • You take a lunch break at the same time each day.
  • Excercise or going for a run, yoga classes, or something is done a few times a week, every week.
  • Bathe or showering is part of your daily routine, morning or evening.
  • When getting meals prepared, you feed your pets too.

Ok, that’s enough but, it just proves that you do stuff out of habit each and every day. Even if you don’t do things at the same time every day, you still DO them every day. That is called consistency.

Sadly even bad habits are a consistent thing that you do. Our habits and routines make consistency a part of our lives. So even if we are super shitty at being consistent, we still implement some form of consistency in our daily lives. Most of us simply have to improve our consistency skills. Hopefully, this made you look at things a bit differently and realize that you are consistent with certain aspects of your life. Even if you didn’t think so.

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4. Talk the TALK and Walk the WALK

Straight up, if you say you are going to do something then, DO IT! Same goes for learning how to be consistent. You have to do more than just say you’re going to do it. You actually have to frickin do it. Make a change. Get your ass in gear. Light that fire girl! You got this.

Glue this phrase to your forehead or get it tattooed on the palm of your hand. Say it with me now. Being consistent is the key to success. Consistency is the key to success. All successful people are consistent in everything they do. Ok, let’s say it again. Being consistent is the key to success. Consistency is the key to success. All successful people are consistent in everything they do. One more time. Being consistent is the key to success. Consistency is the key to success. All successful people are consistent in everything they do.

Consistency is the key to success. All successful people are consistent in everything they do. #BeConsistent Click To Tweet

You have to hold yourself accountable too. At least until you know how to be consistent and actually are being consistent in your life. You will notice a HUGE change once you are. Seriously, everything starts falling into place. Your days go a lot smoother. You’re happier and not a basket case all the time because you can’t seem to balance everything your life requires of you.

So this is what I want you to do.


You need to keep track of your consistency goals in your planner. Your planner is your new best friend. Dead serious on that one. Use your planner to hold yourself accountable. I want you to keep track each day of whether or not you stay on task and was able to follow through on any goal that required you to be consistent. If you fell off and didn’t stay consistent. Write down why, the outcome of that decision, and what you should have done. This way you will be able to see how being consistent will have positive effects on your life.

Still haven’t found the perfect planner?


Summary: How To Be Consistent 

If you read this to the end then, I’m pretty sure you know that if you want to be successful in ALL areas of your life that being consistent is the way to do that. The road to success. Here is a super short summary of what I covered.

  • Set big goals and small goals.
  • Break your goals down into achievable steps.
  • Keep track of all of your goals, steps to achieve those goals and the progress you are making. Or not making.
  • Purchase a planner if you don’t already have one.
  • Map out a plan.
  • Physically write down and see how to be consistent will help you to excel in ALL you do.
  • See what areas of life you already are consistent in and learn how to be consistent in others.
  • Track your consistency progress.
  • Improve your life by learning how to be consistent in pretty much everything you do.
  • Relish in your success you have even after only being completely consistent for a short time.
  • Continue doing so until it is routine and you no longer have to even think about trying to be consistent.

You are consistent. You are a success.

4 Steps on how to be consistent, Simple and easy ways of how to be consistent, Learn how to be consistent



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  1. Although I’ve never had a problem with consistency, I’m 100% behind these tips! I use them all, and I think there’s a big part of what contributes to me sticking to things (even when mental illness and life stress gets in the way).

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