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Don’t Be Afraid To Reach Out For Help


Are you afraid to reach out for help? Read more to find out how to not be afraid to ask for help any more. #recovery #mentalhealth #stigmaofaddiction #personalgrowth #sobriety

In addiction, you eventually hit the point where you know without a doubt that you need to get clean. That doing drugs isn’t fun anymore. It’s actually ruining your life.

It doesn’t mean that you’re going to do something about it at that exact second. Or even reach out for help that very day.

What happens is when you’re riding the wave of addiction, the thoughts that you should stop will root themselves deep into your mind. You will begin to see a flicker of hope.

Until eventually, the desire to stop using wins against the monster of addiction.

Cunning and Baffling Monster

You see, here’s the thing about addiction.

Without a doubt, it would be incredible to be able to predict when you will finally get clean but, you can’t.

There's no way to predict when you will transition from addiction to recovery. If you reach out for help, your chance at sober success will come quicker. Guaranteed. #sobriety #endthestigma #recovery #addiction #recoveringaddict Click To Tweet

There is no damn way to know how bad it will get or how far you will fall before taking the step to reach out for help.

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Don't be afraid to reach out for help to recover from your addiction. Read more to beat the stigma of addiction and know it's ok to ask for help

How Low Will You Go?

Some people lose everything in their lives before the reality of what they’re doing smacks them square in the face.

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Then you have the functional addicts. Functional addicts don’t believe in the information about rehab or getting some type of treatment. Mainly because functional addicts don’t really believe they have a problem. They are only weekend warriors and won’t stray behind that point. Remember those days?

Then you have people like me who not only lose everything but also go to treatment dozens of times. You try over and over again to change but, it doesn’t work. All of those things you said you would NEVER do. Yeah, you are way past that point.

Life is hell. You hit rock bottom years ago. Only to realize, that rock bottom has a lot of fucking trap doors and you will keep falling. It can always get worse. And it will.

Reach Out For Help Before It’s Too Late

Addiction is a long battle, and the one question that you end up asking yourself is who you could possibly talk to and ask for help?

Usually, by the time you realize that you need to reach out for help, you already isolated yourself, burnt your bridges, and fucked over anyone willing to help you.

So, asking for help is a big deal for an addict. Partly because those people that have stuck around have been let down so many times already that believing you actually want the help is difficult. Extremely difficult.

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Addiction has broken you and beaten you down. Not only does it affect you but it affects your loved ones as well. Which might make it pretty damn near impossible to get family or friends to lend a helping hand. Even if you can’t find a “personal connection” to help you out. There are plenty of recovery resources available.

What You Can Do Right Now

All you have to do is make the initial move and reach out for help to get clean and recovery.

You can start right now by signing up below to get your Sober Stash – A list of valuable online recovery resources and tools. Plus, you get access to Unjunkiefied’s resource library and weekly emails from me.

What are you waiting for? Take the first step, subscribe below.

One of the truths about getting sober is weeding out toxic relationships. Get a sober support system in place and begin by downloading the Sober Stash freebie.

The Truth About Recovery

If you are in active addiction, you have to reach out for help. The success rate of addicts who recover alone is the lower than you could possibly imagine.

But recovery is possible and there is NO one fits all solution.

There is NO one fits all solution to addiction. Everyone recovers in their own way. Find the treatment that's right for you and don't' stop until you do. #sober #recovery #endthestigma #addiction #recoveringaddict Click To Tweet

You have to learn the truth about MAT, which rehabs would work for you, who you have left, and that’s before you even try. It’s scary. It’s lonely. And it can be hell to go through recovery when you just don’t know what the outcome is going to be.

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The biggest thing about it is that you shouldn’t be afraid to reach out and ask for that help once you feel ready. Whether you turn to a loved one – those who are left to support you, anyway – or you turn to a clinic, you deserve redemption.

Not religiously, but you do deserve the chance to start over.

Read more to learn why it's ok to reach out for help to recover from your addiction.

You Are Not Weak

It’s not weak to fall off the wagon. For most, relapse is a part of recovery. It doesn’t matter how many times you fall, keep at it. Eventually, you will get it.

I mean, don’t use what I just said as an excuse to fuck up.  I just want you to know that you are not weak or undeserving of a happy and sober life. Keep moving forward. Don’t dive into addiction head first again. Learn from your mistake and get back into your recovery harder than before.

Addiction is a demon. Imagine a monster talking in your ear, whispering at a low volume at all times. You can only quiet it and overcome it if you are truly ready to. It takes some longer than others to win the battle.

But you ALWAYS. I repeat ALWAYS come back stronger and more powerful than before.

Don’t forget to get your free guide of online recovery resources, the Sober Stash. It saves all the guesswork in providing you only valuable + reputable sites, groups, etc.

One of the truths about getting sober is weeding out toxic relationships. Get a sober support system in place and begin by downloading the Sober Stash freebie.

Take Action

Reaching out for help will be your very first step. Don’t make excuses. Don’t let money stop you either. There is always help available and you can find it if you try hard enough.

Take a step and make it happen for you.

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If you are ready to recover, don't be afraid to reach out for help. You can't do it alone. Nor should you have to. Keep reading to find out more. #seektreatment #recoveryhelp #endthestgima #mentalhealth #addictionrecovery #sober

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I am NOT a licensed therapist. For immediate help call the Substance Abuse Mental Health Service Adminstration’s 1-800-662-HELP. It's a free 24/7 service for ppl facing mental +/or substance use disorders.Or you can use the online treatment locator HERE.

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