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Empower Women in Recovery

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Empowered women, empower women.  We support one another in time of need. Especially, in early recovery. Women empower women in recovery.

Wait a minute. Do we?

Why do women put each other down instead of building each other up?

As women, we are quick to do this.  We bully, criticize, condone, belittle, and disgrace one another.

But why? Why, dammit?

Think of a time when you were down and out. Who helped you, supported you, and lifted you up? Hopefully, another woman. Yet, women often put each other down in time of need when they should build one another up. Be an empowered woman, and empower women like you should. #recovery #empoweredwomen #empowerwomen #recoverysupport #overcomestruggles #personalgrowth #selfimprovement #girlpower #femalefury #badasswoman

Women in recovery have a hard enough time overcoming the guilt, overcoming the stigma, and the shame associated with addiction, abuse, mental illness, and our other struggles.  The last thing any woman in recovery needs in someone putting her down.

Enough is enough ladies, it’s time to make a change.  It’s time to support one another instead of badmouthing one another.

As a recovering woman, you should be ecstatic, be motivated, and be empowered.

Let’s empower each other, empower women in recovery.

Do you empower women in recovery? Or do you beat them down? Empowered women need to empower women in recovery. Do your part to end the stigma around recovery. Be a strong woman. Female empowerment can help women in recovery. #femaleempowerment #girlpower #overcomingobstacles #selfimprovement #womeninecovey #rebelwithacause #empoweredwomenempowerwomen

I have said it a million times, we all have a past. When recovering from addiction or depression, anxiety, or abuse, we have been through hell.

Yet, we are in recovery so that means we have triumphed over whatever it was that brought us down.

This should be a time to rejoice, celebrate, and be grateful. All empowered women should empower women in recovery.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the way it works.

The Way The Story Goes

Here is a scenario you have personally witnessed a time or two.

We all knew a girl who wasn’t the “pick of the litter” so to say.  Or maybe you were that girl.

The girl in school who had a rough life, drank a lot or did drugs, slept around to feel the love she didn’t get at home.

That girl who didn’t live in a nice house. Whose parents were separated. Most likely, she was abused and beaten.

The misfit, the one who was the center of town gossip.

You know exactly the person that I’m talking about.

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People Do Change For The Better

Years go by and now that girl is a woman. She overcame her demons.

Now, she is drop dead gorgeous, happy, intelligent.

Her husband is a freaking god. Her kids look like they stepped out of a magazine.

She lives in a mansion. Has an amazing career helping people.

For real, her life is pretty much perfect.

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Truthfully, she deserves it. After all of the shit she has been through and all that she has had to overcome.

This is a woman who turned her hell into a fairytale and became the hero of her story.

She was able to recover from her past. Including addiction, mental health issues, abuse, and poverty. She is a strong woman who empowers women in recovery. She does not act like a bitch in any way what so ever.

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Damn, You’re Going To Act Like That?

So every woman from her past is astonished at the remarkable transformation. They are super impressed by her strength and courage.

I mean, it’s hard not to be. Right?


While there may be a few or possibly one or two women that commend her for her accomplishments. The majority will NOT.

Instead of being another empowered woman who will empower women in recovery. A person who lifts someone up when they need it the most like it should be. It doesn’t happen.

You will be jealous, envious, spiteful, even hateful.

Her past will be brought up as you and your clique still talk shit behind her back.

You have not had the same success so, you belittle her to make yourself feel better.

You will act like a damn fool but be nice to her face.

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Own Up To It

I will admit it, I did it. I acted that way.

That was until I was in a similar situation. I was the one who was down and out, the one who hit rock bottom. Unfortunately, more than once.

The drug addict, the hooker, the liar, the thief. The mother who abandoned her kid.

I was the one that everyone talked about. Everyone had something to say but, no one knew. No one had a fucking clue.

It wasn’t until I became an empowered woman in recovery that I chose…..


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How did I change my mind, you ask?

It is because I have been on both sides of the fence.

A woman in recovery does not have it easy.

Yes, life is better in recovery. A lot damn better.

We learn to overcome our past, to let go of the shit we can, to forgive ourselves, and others.

The demons that brought you and me down to hell were vicious. Our past is a scary thing.

Once, I found my way out for good. I don’t wish that on my worst enemy.

So why the hell would I belittle someone who has overcome their demons? That doesn’t even make any god-damn sense. But it happens. It happens a lot.

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Ignorant Ways Women Hurt Women In Recovery

I am in recovery from a few things. The main thing being drug addiction. it was the root of all my other problems.

You are in recovery. Most likely from more than one thing as well. Yet, I’m sure. One main thing was the original bad guy. Just as it was with me. (Look we have something in common 😁 hooray!)

It is easier to hurt women in recovery because our pain points are known to others.

It's true, empowered women empower women. Women need to give each other love, support, and female empowerment. Especially in times when we need it the most. Be a strong woman and empower women in recovery. End the stigma and build her up. Don't put her down. #womeninrecovery #femaleempowerment #empowerwomen #girlpower #personalgrowth #selfimprovement #endthestigma


Bringing Up Your Past

This is an obvious hurt piece.

While you say you are over the past. It still hurts.

If someone brings up that time you were drunk and naked in the middle of the street.

Or that you had NO money so you had to live under a bridge.

How about the 5 years you spent in jail for selling to an undercover which resulted in your children being in foster care?

Remember that time, you got fired from your job because they found you overdosed on the toilet?

Or what about that time you were standing on the side of the road panhandling and the popular girl from school drove past and through soda on you?

So, you went and fucked her husband, two brothers, and her boyfriend (don’t ask) to get revenge. Then ended up pregnant and had no clue who the father was.

Even though you have moved on and bettered yourself. The fact is that it is YOUR PAST.

When someone brings that stuff up to be mean, it’s embarrassing. Hell yeah, it hurts. You’d be lying if you said it didn’t bother you.

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Labels and Name Calling

We all make mistakes. People in recovery have made a few more than most.

Let’s be honest. A lot more!

I was going to list them but ladies we aren’t stupid.

A woman with a past can be called anything from a junkie and a whore to a psycho drunk and everything in between.

Let’s not even go there.

Reason For Recovery and Type of Treatment

These are the TWO things I hate the most which are why I grouped them together.

Call me anything you want, bring up the shit I did. I may get defensive but I will move on. That was the past. It’s not my present or future.

I believe that EVERY person recovers in their OWN way.

So for women in recovery to belittle other women in recovery blows my mind. It just gets to me.

Why Are You In Recovery?

An alcoholic is not better than a heroin addict.

A drug addict is not better than a person suffering from mental illness.

Having a mental condition does not make you better than a person who was sexually abused by her father.

A person sexually abused is not better than a woman who sold her body for money to pay her bills.

If you are a recovering alcoholic, that does not make you better than the person who drank and smoked crack.

A person recovering from using pain pills is not better than a person who stuck a needle in their arm.

You get what I’m saying ladies? (And men, if you are reading this)

How You Recovered

To continue on from that.

A person recovering from substance abuse is no better than the next. This is something I HATE!

We recover using medicine-assisted treatment or can recover using holistic practices,  or  do it cold turkey. The point is it doesn’t matter.

The way a person chooses to recover is their own personal choice and what works best for them. The last thing that should happen is other women in recovery putting a person down because they did not recover the same way.

Unfortunately, it happens quite often.

Women in The Rooms

This is one reason I do not attend NA and AA meetings.  I’m not saying all meetings are all like this.

Yet, I have seen this happen with women all too often and I want no parts of it.

Women in early recovery are vulnerable.  They are hurting, their emotions are running wild.

Ladies new to sobriety need to feel love, support, and guidance. We need to empower women in recovery, in early recovery, in every stage of recovery.

Not make them feel as if they do NOT belong. This is not high school. Stop acting like it.

Stop The Hate Ladies

Jealousy, envy, and comparison. We badmouth, criticize, and demoralize other women way more often than we should.

Aside from the shame and stigma women in recovery already face, we deal with even more bullshit thanks to the way women can be.  Why some women must put others down in order to feel better about them self is utterly ridiculous.  Yet, it happens.

Women can be unbelievable at times. Jealousy, comparison, envy, body shaming, name calling, etc. All of this is detrimental in recovering from the main issue. Grow up already girl. #empowerwomen #womeninrecovery #bitch #badassbabe… Click To Tweet

I could write a book on the ways the women hate on each other and the reasons they do it.

Quite frankly, it’s troubling.

Thankfully, as we grow up, we tend to act our age. Well, most of us.

Be A Strong, Empowered Woman In Recovery

As both a recovering addict and a recovery mentor, I have dealt with these issues first hand and I have clients that must deal with this disrespect. Some women have come to terms with it and are strong enough not to let it bother them.

Still, others can feel ripped apart from the inside out.  It affects women in recovery more than the aggressors will ever realize.

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Always Empower Women in Recovery

The first step is to be empowered women yourself.  You can’t pull someone else up if you don’t completely and totally live and breathe what you are saying.

As a recovering addict, you have seen things, faced things, and made it back from hell.  You have every right to hold your head up high and be proud of all that you have accomplished.  It doesn’t matter how big or small your accomplishments are, the fact of the matter is that you beat the disease of addiction.

Do not let others bring you down.  You did not fight to only come this far or to let others dissuade you from achieving your dreams.

We empower women in recovery because we are women in recovery.  Successful, powerful, and unbreakable.  

Nothing can stop us now.


Comment below and tell me how you choose to empower other women in recovery.



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