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Affordable Gifts for A Badass Woman Creating A Better Life

This post may contain affiliate links. I earn a tiny commision at no extra cost to you and I only recommend products that I use and are valuable. This is what keeps Unjunkiefied moving forward read the full disclosure.

What are the best gifts for a badass woman?

A woman who is a survivor. Who is tough as nails and fights every day to make her life better?

She wants to help others who are in the same situation that she was once in. A woman who was once in hell and is now becoming a hero.

You don’t want to buy her something that’s pointless. You want to get her something she could really use.

Is there a woman in your life who has overcome a bad past and is now improving her life, creating a badass life that is remarkable in every aspect? Gifts for a badass woman who is successful against all odds. She is a true badass. So what can you buy her to motivate her continued success? Check out the most affordable gift guide for the aspiring badass. I guarantee you will find Exactly what you need. #giftguide #badassbabe #badasswoman #changeyourlife #badassery #motivationalgifts #affordablegift

Is there a woman (or man) who has overcome a bad past and is now improving her life?

She is now creating a life that is remarkable in EVERY aspect.

She is becoming a heroine, an inspirational woman who is successful against all odds. On her way to true badassery.

Or maybe that woman is You!

Either way, what can you buy her to motivate and aide her in continued success?

[irp posts=”7890″ name=”10 QUALITIES OF A BADASS WOMAN”]

Check out, the most Affordable Gift Guide for the Aspiring Badass.

I guarantee that you will find exactly the item you need and want.

Clueless as to what to buy the aspiring badass woman in your life? A real woman who has been through hell and overcame her struggles and is now creating a new life. These gifts for a badass woman will motivate her to keep going and achieve total badassery. #badassery #personalgrowth #selfimprovement #affiliatelinks #sygplanner #badasswoman #badassbabe

Wake Up The Right Way:

The first thing everyone does when they wake up is to get a drink. Besides, go to the bathroom but, that’s not something we are going to discuss. 😂

If you love your morning coffee as much as I do then, this is probably one of the best gifts for a badass woman.

You got to drink your coffee in style.  There's nothing like a good cup of coffee.

The mug you drink your coffee out of is just as important as the coffee itself.

Come on, I know you got your all-time favorite coffee mug.

If not, you need to get one of these asap!

1.Glass Coffee Mug

Have you ever drank coffee out of a glass mug instead of ceramic? It’s a totally different experience. Not sure why but, it feels different. You could even say better. Here are 15 different glass coffee mugs with a saying to make you smile first thing in the morning.

2. Beautiful Disaster Mugs

If this is your first time to Unjunkiefied then, you don’t know that I am literally obsessed with Beautiful Disaster. Their clothes and accessories make the perfect gifts for a badass woman. They are amazing! So, it should come as no surprise that my absolute favorite mug in the entire universe is from Beautiful Disaster.

*☠*If you EVER order from BD, use Unjunkiefied’s discount code at checkout to get your stuff cheaper. It’s NEWYOU  all caps – no spaces. *☠*

An affiliate link for The Beautiful Disaster Coffee Tumbler. #affiliatelink #breweddirty #beautifuldisaster #badassgifts #badasswoman
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger is words to live by on this badass coffee mug. One of the best gifts for a badass woman in your life or you! #morningcoffee #coffeecup #strongerinspiration #beautifulfdisaster #badassgifts

3. Badass Babe Mugs

The saying on your coffee mug is most likely the first thing your brain will see and compute each morning. That makes your coffee cup SUPER important. It will make or break your day. Here are a few super affordable Badass Babe Mugs from Amazon. Below is one on that list that I personally own and love.  You can’t go wrong with coffee. 🙂

Unjunkiefied is a kick ass woman's best friend. It's your own personal guide to the greatest transformation of your life, bad past to badass. #recovery #selfdiscovery


Read A Captivating Book:

A life skill every successful person needs is constantly learning new things and keeping your mind engaged. There is no better way to do that than with a book.

While fiction books are always fun. Nothing compares to the value that a good self-improvement book brings to the table.

[irp posts=”7188″ name=”6 Self Improvement Blogs That Will Change Your Life For The Better”]

*☠*Just remember, your life won’t change just by reading a book. You must take action using the advice given.*☠*

4. Boss Bitch

A best selling book that guides and empowers women to finally take control of both their career and lives. This is an actionable book that I recommend as one of the best gifts for a badass woman. It will NOT disappoint.Best Book gifts for a badass woman. #amazonaffiliate #badassgifts #transformyourlife #unjunkiefied

5. The Book of Awesome

An international best-seller reminding us of the most important things in life. It’s the little things that matter the most. The Book of Awesome is here to remind you that the best things in life are free. No matter how bad it gets, there is still a reason to smile.

This badass read needs to be on your to-do list.

It's the little things that matter the most. One of the best books as gifts for a badass woman[irp posts=”7271″ name=”11 Must Read Books That Will Change Your Life”]

Coloring Books Aren’t Only For Kids:

I spent hours coloring as a child. Even as I got older. It’s an expression, a creative outlet. These hardcore adult coloring books will make excellent gifts for a badass woman or man.

I won’t lie, I own more than the ones I listed. So much fun!

6. Calm The Fuck Down

How does a coloring book help a woman who is changing their life for the better? I will briefly explain.

People especially a woman who has overcome so damn much will still get stressed the fuck out at times. This could be used as a coping skill to seriously CALM THE FUCK DOWN before you do something you’ll regret. So this is a great gift idea!

Adult coloring books are kick ass stress relieving gifts for a badass woman. Get it now! #adultcoloringbooks #affiliatelink #stressrelief #calmthefuckdown #badasswoman #creativeoutlet

7. Peace, Love & Fucking Happiness 

Another badass adult coloring book that will make you laugh, you can use it as encouragement, and sayings that will stick with you. This kick-ass coloring book is filled with positive affirmations which I’m crazy about because they help transform your mindset.

*☠* Both of these are by the creative genius, Sasha. Be sure to check out ALL  Sasha OHara adult coloring books.*☠*

Adult coloring books make great gifts for a badass woman. Check out the best ones right here.

Don’t forget Crayola colored pencils. Only the best. You know I’m right. 😁

Writing Is Daily Therapy:

The best and simplest gifts for a badass woman is a journal. Writing each and every day provides clarity on the choices you make and serves as a guide to create the life you want. What could be better? Or easier than that.

8. The Badass Girls Badass Journal

A simple, blank lined journal to write down whatever you want. *nonchalant cough* I own 4 of them myself. Not only does this journal have a kick-ass cover but it is SUPER CHEAP! Like less than $4. If there is any badassery in you, this is a total steal.

 9. Badass Chronicles 

Another badass item by Sasha OHara. She must be a badass. *wink*. The Badass Chronicles come in many different styles. Despite 9 covers to choose from, the inside is all the same. A college lined journal with snarky quotes and sayings to get your mind going. You will love this chronicle. Promise.

 *☠* Besides journaling every damn day, you should also have a Goal Setting Planner. Without a second thought, I am referring you to the Slay Your Goals Planner created by Nadalie Bardo. Hint-The best digital gifts for a badass woman ever! I’m talking, ever *☠*

Use Affirmations To Strengthen Your New Mindset:

It is true. Change your mind and you can change your life.

In fact, changing your state of mind is one of the most important parts of transforming your life from bad to badass. Positive affirmations are capable of playing a HUGE role in a person’s mindset. That being said, these affirmation books can make great gifts for a badass woman changing her life.

10. Badass Affirmations: The Wit and Wisdom of Wild Women

I think the title explains it all. I absolutely love this. If you are a like-minded woman then don’t hesitate to get this. Or if you need the perfect gift for a wild and outspoken badass woman, this is it!

Badass Affirmations for wild women is the perfect gift for the badass woman in your life. Get it now. You won't regret it.[irp posts=”5873″ name=”Positive Affirmations for Women in Recovery”]

11. Affirmators!

One of the cutest gifts for a badass woman that money can buy. There are multiple products in the magikal Affirmators Brand. including different box sets of designed affirmations. Now, there is an Affirmators journal too. It is self-help products without the cheesy self-help-yness.

Positive Affirmation Cards to Change your Mind and Change Your Life For the Better. #positiveaffirmations #badassgifts #affiliatelink #unjunkiefied


Work It With Badass Workbooks:

12. Badass Babe Workbook

How can you go wrong with a workbook specifically designed for a badass babe to give as a gift for a badass babe? It’s a no-brainer. Yet….yet…this workbook is more for a teen to young adult. In my opinion, not true badassery but still loads of fun.

One of the best gifts for a badass woman is the badass babe workbook. It's common sense. Be sure to check it out, it's loads of fun and extremely inspirational + empowering. #affiliatelink #badassbabe #selfimprovement #badassery #growthmindset #badassmindset

13. Creative Badass Workbook

If you are looking for workbooks that are serious about getting shit done and changing your life then this is what you want. The Creative Badass Workbook doesn’t give you instructions but rather shows you how to take control of both your personal and professional life.
Workbook for creative badasses is a perfect gifts for a bass woman. #affiliatelink #badassery #badassgift #unjunkiefied #selfimprovement #changeyourlife

Motivate The Badass Within:

The best simple gifts for a badass woman are pure motivation to conquer our demons, slay our goal, and to simply kick ass. These items will do the trick.

14. Rocky Balboa Art

The champ’s greatest quote ever. Keep the badass within you alive and motivated with this in your inspirational space, your home, or your sanctuary.

Do you know a woman who is a survivor? Who has overcame her demons and is creating a badass life now. Get her a gift to show her how proud you really are and to aide her in phenomenal journey. This guide is gifts for a badass woman, get as many as you can for her or for you! :) #amazongiftguide #badasswoman #badassbabe #badassgifts #personalgrowth #selfimprovcement #affiliatelink

15. Crazy Prints

I’m sure you have come across a Steve Job’s quote in an inspirational quote search. These 3 prints include the best of the best and inspire you to go out there, kick ass, + be the best you!
Badass wall prints for badass women and men. Or aspiring badass women. #affiliatelink #badassery #badassgifts
[irp posts=”5891″ name=”Inspirational Quotes For Recovery”]

The Best Gifts For A Badass Woman

Now, I’m sure you have a good idea of what to get the badass in your life or even better, gift ideas for yourself.

Each of these products are basic gifts that every woman wants. Especially women who have fought, struggled, survived, and overcame the bullshit.

If you are overcoming the hell of your past and trying your hardest to create a better life. A badass life. Then Unjunkiefied is EXACTLY what you need.

This is Unjunkiefied – your own personal guide to transforming a bad past to a life that’s badass.  

Sign up For The Unjunkiefied Resource Lirbrary, Baddassery Library. Resources for people ready to live a life of badassery, Tools to help change your life for the better.





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    • Awesome! You know I used to feel corny trying to explain a “badass state of mind” and living a life of badassery but, it is so true! It’s a complete and total mindset, a successful mindset that encompasses open-mindedness, growth, and change which is so important. I hope that you are becoming the badass boss lady that you want to be! All the power in the world to ya girl! 🙂

    • Thanks. I’m glad you like. If you are subscribed to Unjunkiefied, there is a HUGE giveaway coming up that includes quite a few of the products listed here. A care package for the woman transforming her bad past to a life that’s badass! 🙂 It will be here before ya know it. Stay tuned love!

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