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How To Be A Strong Woman And Not A Bitch

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Do you know how to be a strong woman and not a bitch?

Oooo. Is that a tough question? Think about it for a second.

It is a thin line that we ALL are guilty of crossing at one time or another.

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Uhh. But what about those women who know that they are downright mean? Those women who are straight up evil and are aware that is how they portray themselves. They even claim to be proud of it.

But guess what? They are not. It’s a front.

Those women, those bitches if you will. Have yet to deal with something deep inside of them that they simply refuse to face and own up to.

Are you thinking to yourself, well what’s the difference? I don’t think I’m a bitch but, I can be sometimes.

How do you think other people view you?

Do they view you as a strong woman or a complete and total nightmare?

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The Stuff That Makes You Strong

I’m not talking about being able to bench press 500 pounds. (Even though that would be insanely cool! Superhero-type shit! ) When I say strong, I am talking about the strength inside of each and every one of us.

It’s the stuff that makes you who you are, that gives you courage, resilience, and persistence. Combined together, those three things are your strength.

Unfortunately, not all women use their strength.

Does that make you weak? No, not at all. It just means you have yet to tap into the power deep inside of you. You aren’t using your female fury.

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Don’t Call Me A Bitch, You Bitch!

If you are a female, I’m pretty damn sure you have been called a bitch before.


And to clarify, I don’t mean being referred to as a female dog.

The label bitch is used in different ways by different people. It can be used as friendly slang. Such as: you’re my bitch or I wanna be like that bitch. Or every girl wants to be the H.B.I.C. (head bitch in charge). You don’t want to be known as a bitch because you are mean, ignorant, self-centered, conceited, and pretty much a total nightmare.

It is very possible to be a strong woman without being labeled a B-I-T-C-H.

Here’s how you need to do it.

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Be A Strong Woman No Matter What

To be successful in life, you must push the boundaries. More specifically, you must push your boundaries.

You have to get out of your comfort zone and take chances.

When you have had a past as fucked up as mine, pushing the boundaries was the only chance I had at being a badass success.

If you push your boundaries to further your chances for success then it is being strong. It’s willing to take a chance to improve your life.

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The Past Affects The Future

There is no doubt that the odds are stacked against me. If you are here with me, then chances are that you are dealing with the same damn thing.

I was an addict several years ago and I made my bed.

I served prison time, got a bit of a record, and burnt quite a few bridges. While I have overcome my addiction, the wreckage of the past will still be there.

That criminal record of mine will never go away.

I can never be a nurse or work in the medical field like I wanted to.

Does that mean that I should convert to a life of crime and fuck up my life even worse? HELL NO! I don’t think so.

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All that it means, is I have a bit of adjusting to do. By that I mean, adjusting my future plans.

I am strong because I’m not letting my past get the best of me. Learn from it and move the fuck on.

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Use The Past To Your Advantage

I might not be able to do what I wanted but I like to help people.

Will I ever be a nurse or doctor? Nope, not going to happen.

Yet, my life’s mission and passion is helping people in the same situation that I was once in. I know how to get out and make something of myself.

So, why not help others do the same?

I do. That’s exactly what I do.

As we get older, we grow, we change and so do our dreams.

This is just another instance.

To me, this makes me be a strong woman.

*☠* If you want to learn how to use your past to your advantage, check out the post  How To Use Your Hardships To Become A Hero. *☠*

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Don’t Cross That Line

Remember, that thin line we mentioned?

You will probably cross that line a time or two. I know I have.

Just make sure you catch yourself and don’t switch permanently to that side of the fence.

It’s best to not cross that line at all but, hey…we all mistakes.

The real question is…How do I be a strong woman and not a bitch?

It is possible to be a strong woman without being labeled a bitch. These 8 ways break down the difference between a strong badass woman and being called a bitch because you are a fucking nightmare. #selfimprovement #personalgrowth #badasswoman #bitch

8 Ways To Be A Strong Woman And Not A Bitch

#1. Understand That No One Owes You Shit

Every single person on this planet has had to overcome a struggle or put up with some bullshit in their lives. Everyone has some sort of a past. As a strong woman, be thankful for what you DO have instead of feeling that you are entitled. No one owes you anything.


#2. Be The Bigger Person

You will always have AT LEAST one person who is jealous, envious, or downright rude. Choosing to go into bitch mode and attack them is not going to resolve the situation. Be the better person, the stronger person by not sinking down to their level. Be the bigger person, the better person. The non-bitchy person.

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#3. Learn From Your Mistakes

As said, we all have our own shit. If you choose to be a strong woman, mistakes are learning experiences. You own it, accept it, and learn from it so it never happens again. On the other hand, a bee-otch does nothing more than complain and justify why the mistake was made. No owning it or learning from it. Now, that’s a damn shame.

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#4. Take Full Responsibility

You know you are a strong person when you own up to all of your shit and I mean ALL of it. A weak person, a bitchy person will blame everyone else and NEVER admit to what really happened. Being a strong woman means being in control of yourself. Obviously, that includes taking responsibility for your actions, both good and bad.

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#5. Out of Your League? Say What?

Simple. Only a real bitch truly feels that she is better than anyone. Thinking that no one is on your level and no one can compare to you is bitch brain. For real. When you want to humble yourself and learn how to be a strong woman, step down from your imaginary pedestal and take a look around. Tell me what you see.

#6. Give Respect, Get Respect

To be a strong woman means you are in control of your life. People look up to you, support you, and ask for your advice. They follow what you say because they respect you. Just as you respect them. A bitch leads out of fear. She feels that if people are frightened by her ways then they will listen. So not true, the evil queen never wins and always gets overthrown.

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#7. Hard Work Pays Off

Strong women work hard and make it to the top. They slay their goals and live their dreams. To be a strong woman, do the same. Do NOT lie, cheat, and manipulate others for your own selfish gain. You know the saying, “cheaters never win”? There is a reason for that. When the bitch falls, she is going to fall hard. Hopefully, she will get back up and change her ways.


#8. Be Confident

Have you ever heard a man say that there is nothing sexier than a woman with confidence? To be a strong woman, you must be confident in all you do. Self-confidence is sexy. Straight up. Yet, don’t let that confidence cross the line into bitch land and start being arrogant and cocky.


Know How To Be A Strong Woman

After all you have dealt with and after all you have overcome, you deserve to have it all. And having it all is possible, you alone are capable of achieving your dreams.

You owe it to yourself to be the best you can be.

I don’t know about you but being my best-self includes being a strong woman. I believe you feel the same way.

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You know how to be a strong woman because you ARE a strong woman.

Just make sure others view you as a STRONG woman who battled her demons and came out victorious. Not a bitch who is conceited, cocky, arrogant, and thinks the world owes her something because she had a rough life. That is a HUGE difference. (I know, Shut up Natasha – that’s what this entire article was about! lmao)

Of course, we all have those moments when we are a bit bitchy. For the sake of everything you worked so hard for, please don’t stay there.







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    • Thanks Lindsay. I thought we all needed a reminder of the way we choose to act and what really makes a strong, independent, badass woman. At least, I sure did! 😉

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