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How to Be Physically Healthy In Sobriety

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Addiction recovery is all about changing your life around. Getting healthy in sobriety should be near the top of your list of essential things to do to  “fix your life“.

There is no doubt that addiction tore you up from the floor up. It beat you down, wore you out, and ate you alive.

The damage done to your body needs to be dealt with before your physical health is beyond repair.

Keep reading and I will tell you exactly what needs to be done to be physically healthy in sobriety.

You caused a lot of damage in your addiction, especially to your self. Improve your life by getting physically healthy in sobriety and here is how you do it,

Make It Your Goal

One of the greatest benefits of freeing yourself from addiction is the insane improvement to your health.

You know that using drugs and alcohol has a massive impact on your body. It can kill you. There is nothing good about that.

Becoming sober gives your body a chance to heal, replenish and repair.  The way your body is able to regenerate and the things it can do are mind-blowing.

There are things that everyone needs to do to ensure a long and healthy life.  So, as someone who has been through addiction, you need to be especially vigilant.

You need to make it your goal to get healthy and do what you can to live as long as possible. You overcame so much already, don’t let it slip away.

Take care of your body so it lasts as long as possible. And looks as good as possible.

Here is what you absolutely positively NEED to do so you can be healthy in sobriety. 

Total Body Check Up

First things first, you need a total health evaluation.

Right now, I am talking about being physically healthy but, do not think for a  second that you are done. Your mental health is just as important if not more.


Do everything you have to do including getting seen by EVERY doctor you should be seen by.

  • Primary care doctor
  • Mental health doctor
  • Gynocologist
  • Dentist
  • Therapist
  • anyone else (you know what types of doctors you need to see – handle your business)

Get A Physical

Once you’ve reached sobriety, it’s worth going for a complete physical so your doctor can examine you to make sure everything is working as it should.

They will probably want to run some blood and urine tests, check your vital organs and ask you some questions about your lifestyle and mental health.

If there are any issues with your body, it’s better to know now so you can get the treatment you need.

I know you didn’t see your doctor during active addiction. It could be years since your last checkup. You are supposed to get a yearly physical.

Your doctor will be able to recommend life changes and ways that you can help your mental and physical health after addiction.

Things like hormonal and blood sugar issues can be common in those who have used drugs and/ or alcohol for an extended period.

High-Risk Behaviors

Even if you’re physically fine now, as someone who has had a substance addiction in the past, you’re at a higher risk of things like cancers and other illnesses later on. For this reason, it’s important that you stay up to date and find out what’s really going on.

Screenings are fantastic as they pick up things like cancers far before you ever show symptoms, and if there are any cell changes they can be treated at the earliest stage where you have the best chance of a full recovery. This is something proactive you can do to take care of your health, these kinds of procedures are never much fun but are generally quick and painless and could literally save your life.

Then, to get more real with it, there are the things you don’t want to know about but you have to find out about. Like sharing needles and catching diseases like Hepatitis C or having unprotected sex with strangers and catching an STD or even worse, AIDS.

I know it’s scary to think about but, it’s better to know. This way you can get the necessary treatment now and still be able to live a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Losing The Important Stuff

Hearing and Vision

As we get older, we can lose our hearing and vision. It’s common sense to protect these senses. They are important. You don’t know how important until they’re gone. This involves wearing the right hearing protection at work and around loud noises and protecting your eyes from chemicals and other hazards as well as the sun.

What I bet you didn’t know is that both drugs and alcohol are associated with hearing loss and vision problems. And I’m not talking about being so fucked up, you just can’t do anything.

Drugs cause damage to the brain as well as the to the eye and ear itself. Toxins in the body can damage the delicate hairs of the cochlea for example, and both temporary and permanent changes have been found during research.

Once you’ve reached sobriety, go and have your sight and hearing checked out if you feel as though they’re not as good as they once were. If you have experienced some damage, looking after yourself going forward will help prevent it from getting worse.

Strong + Healthy Bones

Later in life, our bones start to deteriorate faster than the cells are replaced. This leads to brittle bones, weakness, and risk of fractures, and is something that everyone is prone to.

I know what you think that you don’t have to worry about this sort of thing until your old, feeble, and gray. Well, you are wrong.

Due to your non-stop party lifestyle, this will go into effect way quicker on you. That is unless you get clean, begin to get healthy in sobriety and slow down the process.

One way you can hold this off for longer is to build up your bones while you’re young. You can start doing this as early as childhood, the right diet and exercise will improve bone strength and mass. So later on when changes occur in the body you’re less likely to experience osteoporosis- or not experience it till further down the line.

Heavy drinking and drugging are linked with reduced bone mass. Which is why in your sobriety, it’s important to build this back on.

This leads to my next point.

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Exercise, eating habits, relationships, treatment, support, and self care are all part of being healthy in sobriety.

Healthy Eating Habits

How did you eat during your addiction?

I was 80 pounds soaking wet and can’t remember eating to often. Maybe a cheap Little Debbie’s snack from the gas station or something I could swipe from the grocery store.

Addicts spend every cent on drugs. If you had food stamps, my bet is you sold them to support your habit.

I know. I know.

So now it’s time to establish better eating habits so you are physically fit in sobriety.

Take Your Vitamins

Foods contain all of the vitamins and minerals that you need for good health.

The right diet is like medicine for the body. If you eat well you can prevent all kinds of illnesses and even reverse damage that has been caused by substance abuse.

Your diet needs to contain lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. It should contain whole grains which are nutritional powerhouses like seeds and beans. Also, you need the right balance of dairy products and healthy fats.

This will help to replenish your body of everything it’s lacking, protect you from illnesses, build your bones, help your organs and so much more.

Easy On The Sweets

Just like drugs, sugar affects the brain’s dopamine levels. This gives you a type of high. (You’ve heard of a sugar high, right?)

Yet, once the sugar high begins to wear off, your body crashes. That can make you depressed and leaving you really wanting to get high and not on sugar if you catch my drift.

I bet you never realized that sugar could trigger you to relapse, huh?

Not to mention, refined sugar is not good for you whatsoever. Natural sugar like that found in sweet fruits is the only sugar your body needs.

Plus, sugar will rott the shit out of your teeth and like every other recovering addict, dental issues might already be an issue. So why make it worse?

What Goes In Must Come Out

I’m going to get real personal for a minute.

Let me ask you a question. Did you have problems going number 2 when you were using?

Yep, me too. Opiate addicts are constipated ALL the damn time. Does it bother us? Not until we are in withdrawal and then we got the shits.  (Don’t front, I am so spot on with this.)

Using drugs such as heroin or pain pills cause severe constipation. Once sober, eating makes you have diarrhea or severe nausea.

All of that being said you need to eat foods easy on the digestive tract or high in fiber.

  • oatmeal
  • rice
  • fruits
  • veggies

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Must Drink Water

Point blank. Over half of your body is made up of water. It’s different based on age, sex, weight, etc. You need to drink water.

Using drugs dehydrates your body for tons of reasons. Not only an addict’s lousy eating habits but the effects of drugs can dehydrate you. Such as increased breathing, sweating, vomiting, ignoring the fact that your thirsty, and so on.

The list goes on. Make sure you drink water.

Have A Plan To Be Healthy In Sobriety

This post should have given you quite a few ideas on how to get healthy and stay healthy in sobriety.

Take care of yourself, you’ve lost time that you will never get back. Why cut what time you have left short?

Eat healthy, stay active, drink water, and go see medical professionals for the stuff you can’t handle on your own.

You are a whole new person now. Don’t you think you ought to be physically healthy in sobriety? This way you can live the life you want.

That’s pretty damn important if you ask me.



Read this post to discover how to be physically healthy in sobriety after all the damage you did to your body in addiction. Them, start working on your mental health and emotional health in recovery. #recovery #sobriety #addictionrecovery #getphysical #improveyourlife #selfdevelopment #healthyeating #healthyhabits

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