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How To Choose The Best Journal for your Recovery

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Learn how choosing the very best journal for your recovery can improve your entire life in sobriety. And it just so happens, I have the best damn FREE printable journal for recovery right here. So read on.

Addiction threw you into absolute chaos. Your life was a hot mess and that’s being nice. You took the first step and got clean. It was hard but you did it. Now that you got some sober time under your belt, you expect everything to fall into place and for the miracle to happen.

The problem is that it doesn’t. You don’t know what you are doing wrong or where to even begin when it comes to fixing your life.

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I know exactly how you feel, I was in that exact same place a few years back. In fact, it took me a hell of a long time to figure it out. To save you time and frustration, I am going to tell you something.

Are you ready?

You have to dig deep and basically dissect yourself. Pick apart everything. Work to eliminate the bad things and strengthen the good parts. Discover all that you want to become. Then rebuild yourself, putting the pieces back together.

Ultimately, creating the masterpiece of the authentic, perfectly imperfect, badass beautifully flawsome, very best YOU.

And how are you going to do this?

Through journaling. It is going to blow your mind when you discover what you can do, what you are capable of, and how strong you really are.

But first, you have to be a 100% certain that you pick the best journal for YOUR recovery.

Continue reading and I will break it all down for you.

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Read on to learn how to pick the best journal for your recovery. A journal that will help to improve your life after addiction so you can create your bes future. Plus get a free printable journal that may just be exactly what you have been searching for. #printablejournal #recoveryjournal #sobrietyjournal #journaling #selfimprovement #copingskills #sobriety #recoveringaddict #overcomeyouraddiction

What A Recovery Journal Is

A recovery journal is designed to help you overcome your past and current issues so that you can move forward to create a better life.  Or as it is so fondly put, become a productive member of society.

The truth is that in order to improve your life, you have to first improve you. You have to work through your own shit so, you can handle and successfully manage the big picture. Your life.

Until you are confident, proud, and realize that your flaws are actually advantages. It is going to be really tough to go after what you want in life.

Be a badass. Go after EVERYTHING you desire. You can’t be afraid to fail and try again. Be the authentic, unapologetic you.

The woman who is proud of who she is and realizes that her bad past has helped shape her into the bonafide badass she has become.

Benefits To Using A Journal For Your Recovery

There are so many reasons journaling is beneficial.

The most successful people on the planet journal every day. Journaling is proven to improve and successfully impact your life. So you should definitely start journaling now so it becomes a habit and can help you in the future.

But to journal for your recovery is a bit different. It’s much more than simply jotting down your daily thoughts or the dream you had the previous night. Your recovery journal is going to help you recover from your past, find yourself after being lost in addiction for so long, and become the woman you want to be.

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Here are even more benefits:

  •  Gain clarity about yourself and your life.
  •  Private therapy so you can be 100% honest about everything.
  •  Become consistent which is a great skill to possess.
  •  Gain a deep understanding of your past so you can heal.
  •  Able to see the entire picture as you read over what you write.
  •  Deal with your emotions in a positive manner. 😱 (Umm. Not getting high!)
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There are many more benefits to using a recovery journal but, this is a good start. Just knowing, how using a journal for your recovery can improve your life should be motivation enough to start right now.


To make the best journal for your recovery, it needs to make you think, feel, and act. This quote explains it perfectly. Click here to get a journal for your recovery that you will love. #addictionrecovery #soberjournal #recoveryjournal #recoveryjournalprompts #personalgrowth #journalinginrecovery #printablejournal

Types of Recovery Journals

To get the most out of a recovery journal, you have to choose the best journal for your recovery. Each person has different ideas, wants, and needs.

Your story is different than mine, mine is different than the next recovering addict’s. We all have our own story to tell and we have developed different personality traits and characteristics from our past. No two of us are the same. So, not everyone is going to like the same type of journal.

Gratitude Journal – Keeping track of the things which you are grateful for (or should be grateful for). This type of journal is all about focusing on the positive and being happy.

Check out: Good Days Start With Gratitude Journal or The One Minute Gratitude Journal

Sobriety Log – This is more of a tracker than journal but is an essential part of any type of recovery journal. Tracking your sober days, relapse, bad days, and documenting important moments in sobriety.

Check out: Sober; Recovery Journal or get the Habit Calendar to keep track of your sobriety

Early Sobriety Journal – Newly sober people are emotional, unpredictable, and yearn for instant gratification. This type of journal focuses on their triggers, important coping skills, and relapse prevention.

Check out: My First Year In Recovery: A Journal for the Journey

12 Step Journal – A journal using the 12 steps of Narcotics Anonymous or AA. There should also be something about 13th stepping as well. If you aren’t new to the game, you know what the 13th step is. If you don’t know, click here to find out.

Check out: The Sober Journal

Recovery Diary – Simply, a daily journal of your thoughts and day to day life in recovery.

Check out: Resilient’s Recovery Diary or use this awesome lock diary

Remember, Do Whats’ Best For You

There are so many different options when it comes to choosing a journal for your recovery.

Keep in mind that it is ALL ABOUT YOU.

With that being said, you want the journal you pick to fit your needs, your style, and focus on the areas you need to develop the most.

Here are a few of my top choices:

While these are all helpful recovery journals, I needed more. Each of these journals only seems to focus on one or two aspects necessary to recover. It leaves out all the other stuff I was looking for. So, I decided to create my own.

And because I want EVERY WOMAN IN RECOVERY to turn their shitty past into a shining future, I am giving it to you for free. 

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Addiction Recovery Journal; Get Your Shine On

Get your new recovery journal. An addiction recovery you can use daily to overcome your demons and create your dream life. #addictionrecovery #sobriety #recoveryjournal #selftherapy #sobriety journal

✨✨ Click the above image and subscribe to Unjunkiefied for your free addiction recovery journal. Not only will you become part of the Unjunkiefied family but, you will have exclusive access to Unjunkiefied’s free resource library.✨

If you truly want a recovery journal packed full of value, then this is exactly what you need. You can now work through your issues, feelings, and wreckage of the past to become the person you are destined to be.:

  •  Addiction recovery journal prompts 
  •  Pages to celebrate the positive in each day
  •  Inspirational quotes to keep you motivated
  •  Daily therapy + daily ranting pages
  •  Identifying your triggers + coping skills
  •  Facing the wreckage of the past + how to fix it or eliminate it
  •  Identifying your strengths and the pieces needed to make you whole
  •  Coloring therapy to let your creativity shine 

✨✨ Plus, you receive special bonuses when you sign up and become part of the Unjunkiefied family. You will get new Get Your Shine On journal pages to constantly keep growing and improving your bad self! 

This is an offer you can’t pass up. I’ve already been told I am off my rocker by giving this journal away for free.

Remember, Get Your Shine On is a printable journal. You can take it to Best Buy or Staples after printing it out and have it bound for a few bucks.  Or you can do what I do to mine. Simply, print it out and put it in a 3 ring binder. This way you can print out as many pages as you need and easily add pages as you get cool, new ones in your inbox.

Personally, I use this inspirational binder on Amazon. It holds up really well. You can add sparkly dividers if you want. I don’t use them but, I do use these diamond pens to rock the whole Get Your Shine On theme.

Journal For Your Recovery

I am going to wrap this post up. I hope you found what you were looking for.

More importantly, if you are a woman in recovery, I wish you the best and all the badass success you desire!

I’ll end this with a few tips to get the most out of your recovery journal.

Quick Journal Tips 

  •  Try to use your journal daily for maximum benefit.
  •  A quick 10 or 15 minutes each morning while having your coffee will get your day off to a good start.
  •  Be real and completely honest when writing. When you read back over it, you will be astounded.
  •  It’s your choice whether or not you want someone to read it. Keep it away from prying eyes.
  •  If you choose the Get Your Shine On recovery journal, feel free to contact me for any questions, suggestions for new pages, or if you want me to read anything. I’m always here to help.
  •  Don’t forget to watch out for new journal pages in your inbox and you can find journal prompts for different topics in Unjunkiefied’s resource library.

✨✨Don’t let anyone dim your fucking shine!

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Click here to get your free printable recovery journal which is guaranteed to be the best journal for your recovery. Whether recovering from substance abuse, mental health, abuse, or other issues, choosing the best journal for your recovery will improve your life. Guaranteed if you use it for it's full potential. #addictionrecovery#recoveryjournal #freeprintables #printablejournal #healthycopingskills #personaldevelopment #journalinginrecovery


Comment below and tell me how you shine in recovery!



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