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Do you possess the qualities of a badass?

Yes, YOU!

Recovering from addiction is badass. So here are the ten qualities of a badass needed to rock a life of sober badassery.

Before you go rambling off about what a boss you are and how you are the shit, maybe you need to take a step back and hold up.

It Naturally Shows

A true badass does not have to tell people that she is one. She knows she is. Other people know she is. It’s her life, her swag, her personality, her appearance, etc. It naturally shows. She shines, effortlessly. That is just the way it is. Point blank.

A TRUE badass does NOT have to tell people she is one. It's her life, her swag, her personality, her appearance, and everything about her. She shines with no effort. You look at her and you know. What woman does not want to be that way? If you… Click To Tweet

I’m going to get you on the same page so you know if have the qualities of a badass and without a doubt why you should strive to be one.

Who doesn't want to be considered a badass? I know I do. Especially when it comes to living my best life, overcoming my obstacles, and rocking my recovery. Find out if you possess the 10 qualities of a badass. #soberlifestyle #soberbadassery #soberwoman #badasswoman #recovery #soberlife #bestlife #bestself


If you are confused about what a badass really is or what the qualities of a badass are. I am going to sum it up for you so there is no confusion.

Being a badass does not mean hooker boots, lengthy prison sentences, or being a spitting image of Harley Quinn (even though she is an AMAZING psychopath).

The qualities of a badass. According to r.h.sin (an amazing author), there are 3 things EVERY woman shoudl be; INTELLIGENT, STRONG, and BADASS.

If you look up the definition in a dictionary, you will be misinformed. It defines a badass as one who looks tough and uncompromising. Someone you don’t want to mess with. While you do NOT want to mess with a badass. It surely is NOT because she looks like an evil villain. That definition comes from people who have NO clue what real badassery is comprised of.

A badass is a woman (or man) who has overcome great obstacles. Who fights for what she believes in, regardless of the consequences.

No, she does not come out of shit smelling like roses. A true badass has fought tooth and nail for her success every step of the way. She is a success because she damn well deserves it.

A real badass does not act or dress a particular way to please ANYONE. She does what makes her happy. She looks how she wants to. Her style is her own, it pleases her.

Every man wants to marry her and every woman wants to be her. They want her looks, her appeal, her brain, her personality, her success, her greatness, her absolute flawlessness. Even though, she may be far from flawless. The way that she carries herself is without parallel.

Does this sound like something you want? The life that you long to live?

I think so. If not, you need to adjust your way of thinking.


A badass woman is unlike any other woman you will ever meet. You will secretly envy her yet want to be her best friend.

Most people think that a badass is standoffish. She’s a loner that does not trust others because of the pain she has had to overcome. That may be true for some badass women but not all.

Let’s get one thing straight, there are NO two people on this Earth that are the same. We are all different. With that being said, a badass female is NO different.

What I mean by that is this. Not all badass women are the same.

There is not a select club of identical badass clones. They are all different.

From their looks to their careers to the way they carry themselves. Different.

Yet, one thing every badass woman has in common is the qualities they possess. They all have the same traits. Although they demonstrate each of their similar qualities in their own unique way.

If any of this sounds like you then let me dive right into the qualities of a badass.

Now, you will know for sure whether you got it or you don’t.

Don’t worry, if you are NOT a badass. That does not mean that you won’t be.

Do you have what it takes to be a badass? Not just any badass but a sober badass? Find out if you have the 10 qualities of a badass because not everyone does. If you do, you are well on your way to living your best life. #sobernadassery #badassqualities #recovery #soberlifestyle #soberlife #badass

Let’s see what singles you out as being a badass woman in this world.



Confidence is a must. A true badass if confident in her abilities.  She is confident in the choices she makes. A badass woman emits confidence but not in a cocky arrogant way. Not only is she confident in all she does but she is confident in the company she keeps, the people that surround her. It’s not that a badass does not make mistakes. It’s the fact that if a mistake is made, it is a lesson learned and she will make it right immediately. In all, a badass woman must be confident in her choices because…….


There is no question about it. A badass woman is a pure success in every single aspect of her life. This is because failure is not an option. Every day is a new day with a new mission and a new goal. If you are truly a badass then you will NOT stop until your mission is successfully completed. And I’m not talking just getting by doing the bare minimum. Your goal is completed with such excellence and done in such a way that leaves onlookers speechless. You will not fail. Failure is not even a word in your vocabulary.

The qualities of a badass is what I have. Life has made me this way and I am proud of it.


A true badass is not a copycat or poser. She is one of a kind. Even if her traits resemble other peoples. She still has her own charisma and her own unique, astonishing way that sets her apart from the rest. You will never ever find anybody else quite like her.

Isn’t that the way you would love to be? Knowing that you are your own woman. You do what you do, act like you act, and look like you look because it makes you happy. In no way are you trying to impress somebody else or be something that you are not. You are you. The real, authentic, original, 100% badass YOU!


Of course, this is one of the qualities of a badass. Any and every badass has mad skills. She can do anything and everything she puts her mind to. If she doesn’t know how to do something then she learns how to do it. Plus, she puts her own special twist on each and every skill that she possesses and new skill she learns. There is nothing a badass cannot do if she sets her mind to it.

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Without a doubt, a badass will never give up. We already have said that failure is not an option. If you choose not to fail then that means you never give up. If one way doesn’t work then you try try again. It’s persistence, confidence, and willpower combined. Never give up and you will be a badass success.


Any badass would not have gotten as far as they have without self-control. Any successful woman must have control of her emotions, her actions, and any situations that arise. If she isn’t in control of a bad situation, be certain she will take control and make it a better situation. Afterall, she is a badass. Would you expect any less?

Recovering from addiction to create a kick-ass sober life is the most badass thing a person can do. #soberbadassery #unjunkiefied #sobriety #soberliving Click To Tweet


Do you have a code of conduct that you live by? If you don’t, you need to.

Every badass has their own personal code of conduct. This code is a strategic system by which they operate. It is their values, beliefs, code of ethics, and what they stand for. It may not be written down but a badass will have a mental image of their personal code permanently implanted in their mind. The personal code cannot and will not be broken at any time. It is what makes each badass woman unique and why she holds herself to high standards.

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Let’s define fearless. To be fearless doesn’t mean that you are not afraid. It means that you still do it despite your fears.  One of the best qualities of a badass if that they are fearless. They will overcome any obstacle because they are not the type to lie down and give up. Most badass women have already been to hell and back, there is nothing that can keep a badass woman down. She is as fearless as they come.


People have ONE major goal that they strive to reach. Once they reach it, they are content, satisfied. Not a badass. A badass has a million goals and she will successfully accomplish every single one of them. No matter what she has to do or how many times she has to do it over. Once she achieves one goal, she goes after another and another.

It’s not that she’s never satisfied with her accomplishments. She is extremely happy with her life and how far she has gone. It’s the fact that she knows to never settle for less than she deserves.

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One of the most important qualities of a badass is the no bullshit rule.

Let’s get real here for a moment, women talk. They talk a lot and many women have no trouble talking shit behind another female’s back. Some live for drama. They like the bullshit in their life. As they do not feel complete without it. A badass woman will NEVER do that. She doesn’t like the pettiness, bitchy, condescending ways of bitches.

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While a badass does believe that everybody deserves a second chance. She is not the type who will play the victim card or destroy someone else’s life. If you do her wrong, she is a strong believer that karma will handle it. Maybe with a little influence from her but she won’t go about it in a catty way. She doesn’t have time for the bullshit, her life, her motives, and her actions are way too important to play games.

One of the most important qualities of a badass is being fearless.

Does this sound like you? or who you want to become?

If you possess these qualities then, you are a badass.

So, rock it. Take your life to the next level.


Is there any reason why you are still contemplating as to why you should conspire to be a badass?

Look at what a badass does, how they act, how they look, and how they crush their goals. Having the qualities of a badass makes you a force to be reckoned with.

Being a badass puts you above the rest. You are a success and you do YOU. No one can compare and there is no one quite like you.

A badass woman is without parallel. She stands above the rest having overcome her struggles and accomplishing her dreams. Shouldn't you want strive to be exactly like that? Click To Tweet

You have overcome your past and was able to rise above it all. You are better than you could have ever imagined. The way you carry yourself is incredible. No one does it quite like you.

Are you ready to be a badass yet? It should be what you strive for.

Every badass woman knows the possibilities are endless. The world can be yours.

Isn’t that how it should be?



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