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Super Simple Ways To Replace Your Addiction With A Healthy Habit


Read on to find easy ways to fulfill your mind and replace your addiction with healthy habits instead of more bad ones. #soberliving #soberlife #addictionrecovery

As recovering addicts, you have a tendency to replace your addiction with something else. I do it too.

Why do we do it?

It’s part of our brain chemistry after being in active addiction for so long. It doesn’t matter if your addiction was heroin or nicotine, you still try to replace your addiction.

Read on to find out different ways you can replace your addiction in a healthy manner. Instead of moving on to the next bad thing.

You don’t want to quit using drugs to become an alcoholic or get a grip on your porn addiction to take up shopping addiction and max out all your credit cards.

Trying To Fill A Void

Quitting an addiction can often leave a sense of emptiness.

For days, months, or even years,  it was something you relied on. Your addiction was a way to relieve stress. Now, it has now been ripped from your life, leaving an empty gap.

Many people relapse because they have nothing to fill that gap with. By taking up a healthy habit in place of your unhealthy addiction, you may find it easier to continue your life without looking back.

Here are a few healthy ways to replace your addiction and fill that void.

Super Simple Ways To Replace Your Addiction With A Healthy Habit

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Many of us dread exercise, but almost everyone feels good afterward. This is because exercise floods the body with feelgood endorphins which gives you a natural high.

Instead of turning to the substance triggering your addiction when you are stressed out, try releasing your stress through physical activity. Take out your aggression, stress, and anger in a physical but, positive way.

Punching bags do wonders. I know this from personal experience. Here are some affordable punching bags to try and women’s’ fighting gear.

On top of the short terms benefits, exercising regularly benefits your body and mind long term. Keep exercising and you will become leaner, have more energy, and healthier all around.

This will impact every part of your life more positively.

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Eat healthy snacks

When cutting out an addiction, some people can turn to unhealthy binge eating. This could lead to an eating disorder which food addiction is something you do NOT want to mess with.

Instead, try to rely on healthier snacks.

This could include plain popcorn, mixed nuts, kale chips or cucumber and hummus. When it comes to drinks, stick to natural fruit juices and herbal teas instead of relying on soft drinks, coffee or alcohol.

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Chew gum

To put it simply, nicotine addiction is a bitch. It’s nasty, it smells bad, and it’s legal so we don’t think of the severe consequences.

Smoking when we are younger is the “cool” thing to do and the older you get, the more you don’t want to smoke. Why is it so damn hard to quit?

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A big part of nicotine addiction is mental and that’s why chewing gum can be super helpful when quitting smoking.

You can even carry a packet of gum where you’d usually keep your cigarettes.

Plus, it keeps your mouth busy which believe it or not, is a big issue for many people. That’s why many people gain weight, they stuff their mouth with food to chew. Wouldn’t chewing gum be so much better?

You can even buy nicotine gum to still get your nicotine fix without the harsh chemicals of cigarettes and chewing tobacco. However, over time, you want to wean yourself off of the nicotine gum. It’s a tool to aid you in stopping without the harsh withdrawal.

On top of helping you to beat your addiction, chewing gum could be a great way to help keep your mouth clean by picking up plaque, improving your dental health.

It’s a win-win situation.

Real quick, take a sec and pin this post for later.

Now sober, how do you occupy your mind, and your time? If you are on the verge of breaking down or a relapse, read on to find super simple ways to replace your addiction with healthy habits and rock your recovery, whatever it may be. #recovery #addictionrecovery #addictionreplacement #soberliving #soberlife #badhabit #selfimprovement #personalgrowth #recoveringaddict

Try vaping

Some people can’t do it with nicotine gum and they still need to puff on something.

Smokers could also try taking up vaping. This can recreate the action of smoking, making it an effective replacement strategy. My parents have both successfully quit smoking for over a year with vaping.

Yet, I don’t really agree with it. Vaping is now known to have some health risks. Even though, the dangers of smoking cigarettes are much greater.

Some people still vape using nicotine but may be able to cut this out by using substitutes such as CBD oil instead as found at this company.

A community now exists around vaping, making it easier than ever before to make the switch.

Listen to music

Many people become addicted to music. Think about it. Different songs evoke different emotions in you, it’s really a pretty cool thing.

Plus, the beauty of this is that it’s utterly harmless. Unless, you’re listening to some satanic, killer music causing you to snap. But we are NOT going to even go there.

By putting in some earbuds and immersing yourself in your favorite music, you could help to fill the gap left by your addiction. You can listen to music pretty much everywhere and you can even combine it with other activities such as exercising.

Get creative

You could also replace your addiction with a creative hobby.  Recovering addicts are typically extremely creative. I mean, we have to be if you think about it.

So, put your creative skills to good use. This could include drawing, painting, writing, woodworking and so much more. Such hobbies are rewarding and will give you a sense of achievement as you work towards the finished product.

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Find A Way To Replace Your Addiction With A Healthy Habit

You can call it what you will, this is the bottom line.

Our life revolved around a nasty addiction. We were consumed by it and now that we are sober, there needs to be something to replace that time. To fill the void we now have.

You have to find one thing you love to do that is healthy or in my opinion, numerous ways to keep your mind and body fulfilled.

That way you don’t let your mind wander and start thinking bad thoughts. Our mind is a powerful tool. Keep it healthy, keep it occupied, and you are good to go.

Comment below and let me know what you do to fulfill yourself now that you are sober. I really want to know.

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