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The Ultimate Guide To Keto and Addiction Recovery

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Lose weight in sobriety the healthy way. How? Using keto and addiction recovery. The keto diet is great for recovering addicts. Continue reading to find out how it can work for you. #addictionrecovery #sobriety #ketosis #ketodiet #ketoandaddiction #losingweight #loseweightinsobriety #recoveringaddict #womeninrecovery #

One of the most popular diets at the moment is the keto diet. Keto and addiction recovery work extremely well together.

Your Body In Ketosis

The whole aim of the keto diet plan is to put the body into ketosis. In ketosis. the body burns off all the stored fat rather than carbohydrates and glucose. By being in a constant state of ketosis, the body will easily lose weight.

It has also been proven to help manage certain health conditions, including epilepsy. So, there really is no wonder why lots of health-conscious people are now taking up keto-inspired meal plans.

When I first heard about keto and addiction recovery, I had no clue about any of it. I wanted to learn what to eat, what to cook, and the best foods. I got the book, The Complete Ketogenic Diet for Beginners and it was a game changer for me.  Right now, you can read it for free on Kindle by clicking here.

Even though this diet isn’t one of the most restrictive ones, it can still be quite difficult for some people to get into. Especially for recovering addicts who crave sugar, caffeine, and instant gratification.


Continue reading for the complete breakdown of keto and addiction recovery to find out if keto dieting is right for you.


Have you gained weight in sobriety? Do you want to get healthy, lose weight, and look good but don't know how to find the right dirt for a recovering addict? Keto and addiction recovery are a perfect match. Read more to find out all about ketosis and recovery. #soberliving #soberlife #healthinrecovery #ketodiet #ketosis #recoveringaddict #addictionrecovery #loseweightinsobriety

Keto and Addiction Recovery

Now I explained ketosis but, you are probably wondering how in the hell keto and addiction recovery have any correlation.  So I will explain.

As recovering addicts, we gobble down sugar and caffeine. That is the truth which I’m sure you are well aware of. Sugar and caffeine affect the body’s dopamine levels, giving us a sort of rush or high. When we come off of a sugar or caffeine high, we crash. We become sleepy, irritable, and are left craving more.

Sound familiar?

Of course, it does. Alcohol and opiates affect the body’s dopamine levels as sugar does. Giving us a similar high and cravings when our high is gone.

Obviously, drugs and alcohol give us a much more intense effect then sugar does. But it’s all the same.

In addiction recovery, we want to be healthy again. Physically, emotionally, and mentally. Right?

So the last thing you should want to do is ingest food that gives you the same effect as the drugs that destroyed your entire life.

The keto diet eliminates sugar and caffeine so, that we can become physically healthy again.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? I think so.

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Tips For Keto Dieting In Recovery

If you follow all of the following tips, you should find that you can easily maintain your body’s ketosis.

In my opinion, the keto diet is the perfect diet plan to lose weight and get physically healthy in addiction recovery.

Be Smart With Snacks

One reason why some people slip up when trying to follow the keto diet is that they don’t choose their snacks wisely. Common snacks that you buy in the supermarket, such as chips and chocolate bars, aren’t allowed as part of the diet.

To get around this, most people end up finding keto bars or make their own at home. It’s a good idea to make or buy a big batch of them so that you never run out. Running out of keto appropriate snacks can resort to snacking on something that might revert the whole ketosis process.

My absolute favorite keto bars are vanilla almond flavor. They are really yummy and reasonably priced on Amazon. Check them out by clicking here or explore the other ones below.

Add Plenty Of Healthy Fats

The main thing to keep in mind with the keto diet plan is that carbohydrates are severely restricted.

In fact, most plans cut them out completely. As a result, some people worry that they might not feel full when following this way of eating. However, as long as you are adding plenty of healthy fats to your meals, then you will always come away sated. Not only that, though, but many healthy fats have been shown to boost the body’s ketosis.

Are you a recovering addict who wants to lose weight? It's hard to come up with a healthy diet plan in addiction recovery. Keto and addiction recovery are a perfect match. Find out why

Eliminate The Sugar High

I explained this briefly above but, I will explain it a bit more.

Sugar gives you the rush, the high, the cravings, and a similar crash as using drugs. If you are in addiction recovery, why would you want to do that. It just sounds ridiculous. Yet, recovering addicts crave sugar. Myself, included.

You need to eliminate sugar from your diet. You will still get natural sugars in fruits so, it’s not a complete loss.

Think about it like this.  Sugar affects the body’s dopamine, giving you a sugar high.  As addicts, we know what it’s like to feel high. To experience that instant gratification.

Sooner than later, sugar is not going to give you enough of what you want. It could be a trigger and lead you back to using drugs to get the high you want.

Sounds crazy but it’s so true.

Don’t Cut Out Too Much Protein

There are some keto plans that encourage followers to cut out both protein and carbohydrates. However, these are only usually recommended for people who are following the diet to manage health conditions and illnesses.

If you are simply trying to lose weight, you shouldn’t be too restrictive when it comes to protein. If you don’t maintain a healthy level of proteins in your diet, then you might end up losing important muscle mass and feeling a lot weaker.

Stay Physically Active

Some studies show that being in a state of ketosis can actually improve performance in some physical activity. But that’s not the only reason to stay as active as possible when on the keto diet.

The more you workout, then the more your ketosis will be boosted. As a result, you should find it very easy to lose weight or maintain a healthy one.


It can take the body a while to adapt to working out while in ketosis, so you might find it super tiring for the first few weeks. But it’s worth pushing through!

Be Healthy With Keto And Addiction Recovery

As a woman in recovery, I know recovering addicts gain weight after being sober for a while. Going from a malnourished super thin drug addict to eating your heart out and not running the streets 24/7 will cause you to pack on the pounds. I know from experience.

The facts prove that using the keto diet will get you physically fit. It will allow you to lose weight in a healthy manner.

As an added bonus, the keto plan will improve the quality of your sober life. Healthy eating and exercise will reduce cravings, stabilize your emotions by reducing mood swings, increase your overall energy, and you will look good as hell.

Don’t wait any longer. If you want to get physically healthy and shed those extra pounds you put on in recovery then this is the way.

I recommend you get a planner to keep track of your diet and exercise. That way you can see just how damn good you are doing.  I use this one.

Perfect, now you are set.

Are you ready for your new keto plan?






As a recovering addict, you want to be as healthy as possible. In recovery, you put on some weight and want to be slim and fit but, how? Read this guide to keto dieting and addiction recovery to discover how to lose weight in sobriety fast and easy. #ketodiet #ketosisandalcohol #dopamine #recoveringaddict #soberliving #soberhealth #womeninrecovery #ketoinrecovery #healthyliving

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