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6 Truths About Getting Sober That You Need To Know

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Learn the 6 low down dirty truths about getting sober. Not that's it's bad but it's not instant glory.

Are you ready to learn the straight up truths about getting sober?

Maybe if you know what to expect and what not to expect you can get clean sooner. Rather than wait until you hit your rock bottom.

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Usually, an addict waits until there is no other choice but to get clean. Such as prison or reaching the point where the consequences of your actions force you to see the unimaginable damage your substance abuse is causing.

It’s sad but, very fucking true.

Whether you’re suffering from addiction yourself or someone close to you is, separating the facts from the fiction is difficult. Yet, it will give you an idea of the challenges that lie ahead.

With that in mind, here are six truths about getting sober.  It is especially important for newcomers to know the truth about recovery and sobriety. It’s not all twinkies and sunshine but, it’s definitely worth it.

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Now you know the truths about getting sober. No instant gratification, no fake friends, deal with it all and have fun being the real you.

The 6 Truths About Getting Sober You Need To Know

1. Recovery Isn’t Quick Or Flawless

I think you already know that addiction recovery is not easy.

I’m not only talking about the detox and withdrawal symptoms.

Depending on your drug of choice, physical symptoms can last for months. (Usually, that’s not the case so, don’t freak.) Now, the mental withdrawal symptoms can last for a long damn time if you let them.

As a recovering addict, you will have to face the consequences of your actions. The potential embarrassment, feeling alone, owning up to all the destruction you caused. In early sobriety, you are a mess of emotions and that is not including the withdrawal symptoms.

It will be a challenge no matter what. Whether you go to rehab or do it solo. Just keep in mind, the end result is worth all the pain. It really is. I promise.

2. Sobriety Gets Easier With Time

Your journey of addiction recovery will be long and hard. No instant gratification here. (By the way, that takes some time to get used to.)

In early recovery, you might wonder whether or not you’ll ever be truly stable. Truly happy, successful,  and sober.

That being said, it does get easier with time.

Eventually, you’ll be able to gain back everything that addiction took from you. By that I mean a job, a family, a home, money, better health. Yes, the shit that really matters.

People will trust you again. Turn your mess into a message. You will even be able to consider giving the gift of a fine wine or champagne without any suspicion or somebody thinking crazy.

It does get better, much much better. As long as you’re determined, anything is possible.

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3. Sobriety Doesn’t Eliminate The Destruction

Whether you like it or not, all of your actions have consequences.

While I hate to say it, I have to. The dirt you did in active addiction may have some serious repercussions.

Unfortunately, as important as it is to get sober, getting clean won’t fix any of the other issues you created. Of course, it will help. Addiction recovery will definitely increase the chance of you resolving your problems successfully.

But, without a doubt,  you will need to put in 110% of your effort into fixing your life completely, having a fresh start and being the best damn you possible.

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4. Sobriety Reveals Your True Friends

Who is your enabler?

This could be a sibling, spouse, or so-called “friend” that cleans up your mess, protects you from the consequences of your actions, or even encourages you to drink or take drugs. Unfortunately, these people, along with others, may not understand your recovery or need for sobriety.

Then there are those who are your running buddies. Other addicts who are with you for their own self-gain. Yet, nowhere to be found when you are down and out.

If you know anyone like this, then you may need to separate yourself from them.

Do me a favor, compare the friends you had in addiction to your friends in recovery. Are any the same? My educated guess from personal experience is NO.

If you don’t have a support group or anyone to talk to about addiction recovery. Join Unjunkiefied + download the Sober Stash freebie.

One of the truths about getting sober is weeding out toxic relationships. Get a sober support system in place and begin by downloading the Sober Stash freebie.

5. Recovery Shows Your Courage

I don’t know about you but I had no problem admitting I was powerless over my addiction. It had taken me way past rock bottom. Never did I imagine making it out alive.

I knew that I needed help and that I could not do it on my own. My problem was asking for the help I needed. I took care of myself and over the years of addiction learned to only trust myself. Asking for help felt nearly impossible. Yet deep down, I knew it was the only way.

If you are like me, you believe that asking for help is a sign of weakness, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Admitting your own faults and asking for help is actually incredibly brave and shows both strength and courage. For this reason, you should never be scared or embarrassed to speak to friends, family, or professionals about your problems.

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6. Recovery is Badass

If you haven’t heard it before, I will tell you now.

Recovering from addiction is the most badass thing a person can do.

Fixing your life, changing it for the better, and becoming the best you. I mean, what can be more badass than that?

The Truths About Getting Sober

Recovery and sobriety are far from easy, but, if you stay strong and sober, the struggle will all be worth it in the end.

Use your strength, courage, lessons, grit, and fearlessness to crush your journey in recovery because there is a life after addiction recovery. A better life that will be yours.

The sober life is worth the fight. I promise.

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